Freeholder refusing to do LPE1

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    Freeholder refusing to do LPE1

    We own a leasehold property which we are in the process of selling. The freeholder has claimed to be interested in buying the property from us, so we added him into the estate agents contract in case he wanted to buy, but after chasing many times he never produced anything to show he was serious about doing so. We had another buyer make an offer, we went to him and let him know and he told us to take it, so we did. However after that he still asked about buying and for us to come to him when we were serious... He's had a history of messing us around before so we decided to stick with our buyers who are very keen to keep the flat.

    We're now at the stage that we have a house we've got an offer accepted on and our buyers' solicitors require the leasehold information to move forward. Our solicitors have contacted him but haven't received a response. Our worry is, that he will not pass on this information out of spite of not being able to buy our property. The freeholder is a difficult man and has taken years to provide us with information before so we don't see this being any different.

    Is there anything we can do if he just does not provide this information, or takes a long time or just out right refuses to provide this information? We're worried we'll lose our buyers and therefore our house we're trying to buy. Would getting a solicitor involved help or payment?

    We are reluctant to just sell to him as we know he was taking his time with trying to offer us anything because he wants to make us lose this sale and therefore he can then try to offer us less for this property which isn't fair! We also don't want to mess around our buyers. Surely there must be more rights to allow us to sell our own property?

    Any help would be gratefully received.

    You could try and offer goodwill gesture of £100 but in all Honesty there is no law at the moment to make him do it.
    try to have a chat with estate agent, see what they will say


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