RTM Question - Leaseholder moving house

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    RTM Question - Leaseholder moving house

    Hi There,

    Just looking for some advice as I currently run the admin of the RTM myself and two other leaseholders have for our terrace conversion (three self contained flats).
    All has been going pretty well with it and we run it fairly informally through a Whatsapp group and I take care of doing any admin i.e. the bank account, building insurance, companies house, etc.
    However one of the leaseholders has sold their flat and is now moving, her solicitor has sent some questions my way which include; confirming if any notice is to be served to the management company and if there are any fees to join.

    I've looked on Google and as usual there are a million confusing links - as far as we're concerned I would have thought as we do it informally there would be no notice and I could just remove her via the companies house website on the day they complete and replace her with the new leaseholder incurring the small fee that Companies House charge to do it.
    Is it this simple of would we need to inform the landlord and would there be additional fees from them, etc?

    Thanks in advance!

    Normally no fees for a flat owner to join their own RTM as a member - confirmed in the company articles. The articles will also state the process for a new member to join the RTM.

    Regarding notices, is the sellers solicitor referring to Notice of assignment?

    I understand this Notice is issued to the RTM company who in turn will advise the the freeholder of the new lessee. i believe the freeholder can charge for this..

    The RTM will have to wait 30 days before the notice is approved.

    Glad to hear the RTM is working for you all.


      Thank you - was just to do with the shareholders notification on companies house, notice of assignment is being done direct with the landlord


        Ok. The register of members records are normally kept at the companies registered office.

        I didn’t realise you had elected to keep the members register in the public record at Companies House.


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