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    Section 20 major works question

    I own a top floor Victorian flat and freeholder is a well known housing association who own the flat downstairs and rent out. So quite a small terrace property.
    I have a section 20 notice sent to me including roof replacement and a host of other things including replacement of my windows very odd as all were replaced with downstairs flat and a couple of mine only a few years back just before I purchased it and was charged out, the seller dodged paying so I had a nice surprise.. They should of done my windows when they did the downstairs flat mine are double glazed apart from two so don’t see the point to change them all only single pain windows fine.

    I had a couple of questions if anyone with experience could advise

    -Will the Costs of the works be 50/50 between me and freeholder as they own downstairs flat?

    - they have proposed a roof change due to age etc , roof doesn’t leak looks fine and never been a issue. Is there a need to replace something not broken ?

    - certainly for five-seven years there has been no work done to front of property at all I would think even years before this. It’s only as of recent they shown any interest. Could I query this as they left it to fall into a average to poor state and now I have to pick up part of the tab.

    - can I get a independent quote when they send the estimates ? Presumably they will be using there preferred contractors

    any advice appreciated

    many thanks

    The costs should be allocated in the proportion set out in your lease.
    You are entitled to object to any work which is unnecessary.
    You are also entitled to object if part of the cost is higher due to neglect but you may have difficulty in proving the actual additional cost.
    There is nothing to stop you from obtaining another quote but it needs to be on a like for like basis, so you would need a copy of the job specification.


      Thank you eagle2

      my lease states “tenants proportion of building expenditure” one half. This allows some positives I suspect that they will need to keep a eye on costs if they are covering half ?

      I believe as they are due half this to be the reason the local authority has allowed the property to get into the tired looking outside state it has got to.


        You are right to be wary, they can seek to charge you more than your fair share by using their own contractors so you should check their credentials carefully and you are right to seek another quote which will give you an indication whether or not the cost is reasonable.


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