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    Share of the freehold

    Hi, I know I have been pestering you all about this before, but I was looking for some clarity.

    I have finally been in touch with my downstairs neighbour to see if they are interested in purchasing a share of the freehold. ( I currently own the freehold of the building and live in one of the two flats) I intend on selling my flat with a share of the freehold and the downstairs neighbour has now indicated she may be interested in purchasing the other half. She is the lessee.

    She has asked me how much the share of freehold is likely to be. I have looked at online calculators but that asks what the current value is on the property with the current lease. It is hard to know as the property only has 64 years left on the lease.
    1. Do I need an estate agent to value the property based on the lease length?
    2. The calculators seem to base it on the purchase of the entire freehold, rather than a share.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction, so I can give her an accurate price?

    Many thanks

    Since you are planning to sell, you could ask three local estate agent to quote you their estimated valuation figure for :
    (1) your flat with the freehold and
    (2) the other leasehold flat with 64 years remaining.


      Thank you. I know what the value is of my flat and I should be able to ask the estate agent who manages it to give me a price based on a short lease.

      In regards to the calculation for me selling a share of the freehold, how do I work it out. As said the online tools seem to say either lease extension or freehold purchase. Does that apply only to the whole freehold?


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