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    Is there anyone here who have filled in themselves the invitation to participate form (as shown in regs schedule 1 here ) for the other leaseholders? I live in a small block so I can do it.
    What information exactly do I need to fill in? I would like to map out the fields from the official invitation to participate form

    Thanks for your help, feel free to send a DM

    Field Input Comments / Q
    (Name and address) Registered owner(s) From Land Registry title
    (Company Name) [Name] RTM Ltd From Companies House
    (address of the registered office) Registered Address From Companies House
    (Number under companies house 2006) Company number From Companies House
    (name of premises to which notice relate If there is no premises name, can I make it up?
    Address for inspection ?
    Specificy times ?
    Specify address ?
    Specify fees ?
    State name of company members What happens if this list is not complete / fixed? I guess people can join later on, moving in/out, etc
    Signature of authorised member or officer Am I right to say that it is for RTM member to sign? In then an RTM director does need to sign?


      You should read the free guide on RTM which can be downloaded from www.lease-advice.org

      The Notice of Invitation to participate is very complex :



        I have read it fully but i still have some questions from my side.
        How many signatures is required? New RTM member and/or RTM director?
        Can it be sent/manage electronically (eSignature) after leaseholder consent?


          One director signature is required.

          Service of all notices is critical and you will need to evidence this. You could ask your neighbour(s) for an address for service - (send a copy by post obtaining proof of postage) whilst sending a copy via email.

          Its worth knowing that errors/inaccuracies can be tolerated during the application process , but that there will be certain errors/inaccuracies that will be fatal to your application. Its worth finding out what those errors are.



            The 'premises' is the property in question.

            For note 2 in the NIP an example:

            "The company’s articles of association may be inspected at [xxxxxx registered office address] between 09.00 and 17.00 from 17 to 24 September 2020. (See Note 2 below). At any time within the period of seven days beginning with the day after this notice is given, a copy of the articles of association may be ordered from [xxxxxxxxx registered office] free of charge. (See Note 3 below). "

            you will need to change the dates so sync with the date of service of the NIP

            The list of members will be those neighbours who signed up at the time of incorporation. You can view these members at companies house under your RTM company.


              Canonbury did not get the numbers but still collected the expenses here. Their bills were very convincing and they didn't say it was optional to join in the rtm.
              That was a smaller scheme. Can Charlie do one block or one staircase to come up with a more manageable number like 20 or less?


                Just following up on this thread. I have learnt that affordable flats don't count as "qualifying tenants", however, I still need 50% of the flats to participate. In my case, with 15 affordable flats in a building of 65, this means I need closer to 70% of the total flats to participate which makes things more challenging. This seems unjust -- can anyone confirm this is correct? Kind regards,


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