Major Works in process and its not going well

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    Major Works in process and its not going well

    We are currently having major works done on our private leasehold block mixed residential and commercial. . To say its not going well is an understatement. Its really quite a lot of money as well. The management company seem to have got a totally incompetent company in to do the works. Everything is contracted out, extremely poorly organisation of different trades on site., not working to spec, poor quality work, etc etc If it can go wrong it is. Work is prgoressing at snails pace eg builders on site one day in the last week, scaffolding taking over 2 weeks to put up as they are not being instructedly properly where the scaffolding needs to be. He has a surveyor apparently project managing who on his last inspection last week knew nothing about issues around water tanks and some coping stone work done really badly and not to spec. He does now! It is being so badly managed and co-ordinated.

    Obviously we have complained repeatedly to freeholder (who is a nice guy but really not up to keeping on top of this) and the shady management company. Freeholder acts like he is one of the leaseholders as he owns one of the shops as well as being freeholder complaining about them but he doesnt actually hold the management company to account. It took some time for him to realise that if we go to FTT or take legal action it would be him that is the named party not the management company.

    We raised as part of the many consultation processes for this works that the company they planned to contract seemed to be a painting and decorating company not a building firm with experience of roofing, structural stuff , sorting out water ingress issues and removing redundant water tanks, which is what we needed.

    What can we do now to get this work going properly other than ping ponging endless emails getting ridiculous answers back. We've previously taken the freeholder to the tribunal many years ago before we had the management company and he settled before the last hearing so we are not averse to doing that but right now that doesnt feel like it will help as it takes so long and the management company will literally halt the works while that process is going on.

    We are logging everything for submission to FTT later as we clearly arent getting value for money or good workmanship here but what can we do to make them get on with the works?

    Sorry for rant but very frustrated! As soon as this is over I am selling and never buying leasehold again!

    It is unclear what you are hoping to achieve. Are you really saying "get on with the works" or "change the surveyor" or "change the contractor"?
    Depending on your answer, you should contact the freeholder or his agent and explain what you want to happen. An "or else we shall not pay and we shall go to the FTT" is just a bargaining tool.


      thanks Eagle, so our immediate aim is to get the management company to ensure the works are being currently completedin a timely way and to a good standard. we need it done quickly as many of the flats have internal damp damage due to water ingress which these works are meant to solve. There are also leaks to the shops which again this work is meant to solve. The commencement of works have already been delayed for various reasons exacerbating damage. So my immediate question is other than just sending emails or going to FTT now which will be counter productive in terms of halting the works are there any other courses of action available

      Once the works are done the aim is to get the freeholder to change the management company, which we think he may now be open to and maybe ask FTT to look at value for money issues in relation to the major works.


        Your immediate enquiry should be to ask the agent for details of the contract itself and specification of the works, is there an agreed fixed price for the job, including the scaffolding? You should also ask for a copy of the instructions issued to the surveyor in order to determine his responsibilities and limitations eg who issues instructions to the contractor, the surveyor or the agent?


          Thank you. we have the specification and there seems to be some contractual stuff in there. We have details of the cost of the job including scaffolding. We have asked for details of the services that make up the total cost to us as there is 32K fees for management agent and surveyors fees on top which we have asked for a breakdown of and what service we are getting for this. I have raised the issue of too many people, sub contractors, managing agent, surveyor with not really talking properly to each other with no one seemingly taking overall responsbility hence things being poorly co-ordinated but I will ask more specifically as you set out. Its just back and for with emails tho. I looked at ARMA and RICs to see if there was anything there that we could use to force some action but my head is spinning with it all


            Normally, you would communicate with the agent only. The fees are very high and you should definitely request further details of what service is being provided in return. A statement that the delay is causing further damage to properties and you will not accept the additional cost should prompt a response from the agent. You should continue to keep a record of communications and take pictures at regular intervals in case it comes before the FTT,


              thank you. Yes we have done all that. They are an absolute nightmare. I think we will almost certainlhy end up in FTT with this and a number of other things but just wondered if there was anything we can threaten now to get the works going. Seems like just complaining and logging is all we can do for now.


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