New freeholder requested backdated ground rent

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    Rent authority letter should say from which date the rent is due.

    Also, yes the process was not followed and you can exercise your right to acquire freehold.

    Did you check the price on the land registry?



      Are you a leasehold flat or leasehold house ?

      The free guide to RFR can be downloaded from .


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      • Reply to Viewing Lease before buying
        by jp13abk
        After pestering the estate agent, asking people that live in the same block of flats and doing a few online searches, I managed to get answers for most of the questions.

        I decided to place an offer subject to contract and, despite it hasn’t been accepted yet, the lease got sent shortly...
        13-04-2021, 19:56 PM
      • Viewing Lease before buying
        by jp13abk
        Good afternoon,

        Firstly, thank you for all the information that has been shared on this website. It has been of great help.

        I'm looking at several flats for my first property purchase and I have asked the estate agencies to please send me the lease.

        I'd like to...
        12-04-2021, 13:23 PM
      • Reply to Viewing Lease before buying
        by jp13abk
        opteron thank you for the advice, it’s very helpful. I will search for solicitors that operate on a no-completion-no-fee basis.

        eagle2 thanks for your reply.

        sgclacy as far as I’m aware, you can download the Title Register of a property for £3, which unfortunately doesn’t...
        13-04-2021, 19:50 PM
      • directors not understanding and how can we help leasees
        by thenunn
        Hello all, Im new here and hoping someone may be able to help me . I am one of three directors of a RMC. With this years service charge we have had to ask for an additional amount due to building survey showing works required. Obviously leasees are not happy , though most who have contacted the MA now...
        11-04-2021, 17:05 PM
      • Reply to directors not understanding and how can we help leasees
        by thenunn
        Hello and thank you for your reply. I totally agree ,that to us newbies it does feel a bit rough . But sadly when I moved here 3 years ago the service charge was approximately £60 a month per flat, the reserve fund £250 per year ! and it had been like that pretty much since the property was built...
        13-04-2021, 18:18 PM
      • Reply to directors not understanding and how can we help leasees
        by thenunn
        Thank you . I did think you meant that , but needed to be sure as I know what Im like lol....
        13-04-2021, 18:08 PM
      • Reply to directors not understanding and how can we help leasees
        by thenunn
        Hello ,thank you for your reply. Yes sadly in the past directors have not put anywhere near enough in reserve , consequently we now have to pay a big share each . We have set payment plans in place ....
        13-04-2021, 18:07 PM
      • Reply to Recordings and transcripts
        by theartfullodger
        Oh, the shame of spuds in a garden! Some of my ancestors were farmers or grocers.

        I sometimes record things, usually 'phone calls. My position is that my memory is going (73..) and find noting everything difficult, and a recording does help, but always plan for it for my use only.
        13-04-2021, 16:43 PM
      • Recordings and transcripts
        by Sandy1986
        I recorded the last shareholders AGM on my phone in my pocket. The meeting was held outside in the carpark of the flats. I didn't tell anybody I was recording but I did it because things that are discussed and agreed at meetings are rarely reflected in the minutes. I didn't check the minutes which I...
        13-04-2021, 15:56 PM
      • Reply to Share of freehold lease extension
        by eagle2
        The longer the lease the better, so if you can obtain a 999 year lease at a peppercorn rent, that is what you should aim for, Gordon is correct, capital gains only apply when you dispose of an asset. The payment which you make now may be added to the original cost. A solicitor or an accountant should...
        13-04-2021, 13:35 PM