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    Originally posted by eagle2 View Post
    I recommend that you check your insurance cover, the previous owners no longer have an insurable interest in the property
    Insurance cover is fine.. besides getting more expensive each year


      Originally posted by Anna1985 View Post
      Yes, she can. But it would need to go to court. So i would not worry about
      the fact that she can, makes me worry.

      supposing she takes me to court, do I have any options if she did ask me to re instate the windows as the original windows. Wooden sash windows are pretty darn expensive.


        How is the freehold title held? Is it a company of which you are both directors or do you hold it in your joint names?


          We hold it in our joint names.

          We don't have a company


            KrispyCream , we all can sue. Practicality of this solution is somewhat doubtful.
            If you already did the windows, why worry?
            Enjoy your windows while they last


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            • Reply to Freeholder Premium to consent
              by AndrewDod
              The simple answer is no you can't do what you think you can. At the very least you would probably need to pay the FH at least 50% of the uplift in value of your property. The "not cutting timbers stuff" is not relevant to building something outside of your demise.

              The FH might...
              11-08-2022, 20:12 PM
            • Freeholder Premium to consent
              by Limply
              Hi all,

              I am looking at extending my leasehold flat by adding a newbuild next to the loft (will be erected on top of the first floor). I have just asked my freeholder for the process to follow. In the past they have asked me to pay a "Landlord’s premium for the consent to be established
              11-08-2022, 16:20 PM
            • Reply to Freeholder Premium to consent
              by Limply
              Many thanks for the answer. I am already looking at buying the freehold title. Just need to convince the other leaseholder!...
              11-08-2022, 19:15 PM
            • Reply to Ground Rent review
              by Century
              Will post the wording of lease tomorrow - going sea swimming now 🤷‍♂️
              11-08-2022, 18:12 PM
            • Ground Rent review
              by Century
              United Scientific Holdings v Burnley Borough Council

              Does this case mean that for a residential lease failure to give notice of GR increase during the review period doesn't matter? I.e review can be at any time, even after specified review date?
              11-08-2022, 14:47 PM
            • Reply to Ground Rent review
              by Gordon999
              Residential property usually sold under 99 years or 125 years leases have ground rents which increases after every 33 years or 25 years as stated in the lease. The Burnley Council case does not seem to be under a 99 year or 125 year lease. ....
              11-08-2022, 17:30 PM
            • Reply to Freeholder Premium to consent
              by Gordon999
              Your lease is only a long term rental contract. You have no ownership in the building which belongs to the freeholder.

              If you want to add a loft extension above the first floor, you should consider purchasing the freehold title first.
              11-08-2022, 17:15 PM
            • Another leasehold nightmare!
              by porkmarkets
              Hi all! Long time lurker here. I've used this forum for advice and ideas since purchasing my leasehold flat a few years ago which has been super useful but unfortunately I have become stuck. So I've decided finally to sign up and beg you all for some advice specific advise.

              I bought my...
              20-07-2022, 20:53 PM
            • Reply to Another leasehold nightmare!
              by Gordon999
              How many leasehold flats in your building ? North or South London ?

              Under the terms of the lease, the freeholder appoints a managing agent (MA) to administer the service charge account and MA collects the service charge contributions from the leaseholders.

              If you allow the...
              11-08-2022, 16:47 PM
            • Reply to Ground Rent review
              by AndrewDod
              I have not read the judgment but no notice is required for a residential ground rent increase that is specified in the lease. The FH does however need to invoice every ground rent request in the prescribed form -- so to at least that extent notice is given of the rate of rent requested at that time...
              11-08-2022, 16:36 PM