tribunal decision on lease extension premiums

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    tribunal decision on lease extension premiums

    Dear all
    Probably a stupid question, but here we go:
    If I suggest a reasonable premium in my offer to extent my lease, the freeholder suggest their price, we go to the tribunal and they judge it is close to the freeholder's price. Do I then have to extend my lease, or can I withdraw (covering the freeholder's costs of course). I think probably the former but perhaps not?


    You can withdraw at anytime but have to pay certain aspects of the landlords costs - but not all and not the landlords costs of attending the Tribunal.


      Yes you can withdraw but you'd need to be a total muppet. Just get proper valuation carried out.
      It would though make sense for legislation to be reciprocal so freeholders could indeed force lessees to extend. Could help with CGT planning.


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      • Value of freehold
        by Sunshinesetter
        I need to put a value on the freehold for selling but have no idea if it is worth much if anything.It is for 3 flats with peppercorn ground rent and a total of service charges of £500 pa.The leases are for apx just over 980 years each.Sink fund is just over £600 and after insurance has to be repaid...
        04-03-2021, 14:07 PM
      • Reply to Value of freehold
        by Section20z
        It's only value is insurance commissions and management charges, licences etc but we would need to know what lease says, but definitely more than £300 as it would bring that in annually purely on insurance commision.
        No idea why your solicitor would want the value but best stick it in an auction...
        04-03-2021, 15:38 PM
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        I would appreciate some advice on the comms to start the ball rolling on this process. We had 4 directors of our RMC, 1 stepped aside last year when moving out although that hasn't been communicated to anyone and the remaining three refuse to engage with the other residents, they rarely answer...
        04-03-2021, 14:56 PM
      • Reply to Value of freehold
        by Gordon999
        The value of the freehold title is based on the ground rent income and may only be a "nominal amount" if all are on peppercorn ground rent. The 3 flat owners should contribute £100 each and buy the freehold from you.

        The unspent service charge money belong to the leaseholders...
        04-03-2021, 14:21 PM
      • Directors of rmc have breached the s.24 tribunal order to hand over management
        by SHill

        Can someone give me advise. I have been successful at First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) to Appoint a Manager Pursuant to S.24 LTA 1987. The Tribunal appointed a manger but the Directors of the RMC (Respondent) has not comply to handover the information by June 2020.
        26-01-2021, 14:15 PM
      • Reply to Directors of rmc have breached the s.24 tribunal order to hand over management
        by eagle2
        You are not an officer of the RMC, therefore you do not have the authority to instruct an accountant, If the point is that Company expenses are not service charge items, then the RMC is not dormant. it has expenditure which it has been unable to recover and it has a deficit, You should check your lease...
        04-03-2021, 12:54 PM
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        I have owned a shop let under a commercial lease with a flat over sold on a long lease. The lease of the flat has provision for the leaseholder to pay a proportion of repairs to roof, structure etc. I have managed the property myself for 35 years but due to my age and increasing queries from the flat...
        04-03-2021, 11:46 AM
      • Reply to Lease silent on Administration Charges
        by Anna1985
        Hi, in my experience I was advised that while we can appoint an agent, the leaseholder would have a defence of lease not allowing it and basically there would be anything to compel him to pay.

        The way forward in our case was an RTM process. In which case, the management agent fees would...
        04-03-2021, 12:09 PM
      • Reply to Garage door responsibility and the lease
        by Minimonkey
        Small update. I spoke to a solicitor in a free chat about this and she kindly looked over the lease. She said that because the garage door and frames isn’t mentioned in the landlord’s covenant’ of repairs etc the service charge won’t cover it. There’s a schedule that says the service charge...
        04-03-2021, 10:07 AM
      • Garage door responsibility and the lease
        by Minimonkey
        Hello I have an enquiry about the terms of the lease regarding garage doors. One of the residents wants a dent in their garage door replaced from the service charge but I am not sure if the garage door is their responsibility as opposed to the freeholders responsibility to fix it. Is the garage door...
        02-03-2021, 09:29 AM