Is this lease contradictory?

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    Is this lease contradictory?

    First clause is standard ' Not at any time to assign transfer, SUBLET charge of only part of the demised premises as distinguished from entirely thereof'.....

    followed by

    'Not to create any SUB TENANCY or other occupancy of the demised premises provided lesser may create subcharge"

    Former implies let out whole unit on AST ok the latter clause not.

    Is there a way to regularise this ambiguity /contradiction?


    No, it's not contradictory.

    The first clause doesn't say that subletting the whole property is allowed, it says that transferring/assigning/subletting part of the property isn't allowed.

    The second then says that sub-tenacies of the whole property ​​aren't allowed.


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      Hi all,

      Looking for some advice. My wife and I recently bought a leasehold property in London. The property came with wooden flooring, and the lease specified no wooden flooring could be installed without consent.

      The lease states, with regards to the flooring issue:
      30-07-2021, 14:41 PM
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      I was thinking rather on the same lines which is why I asked the OP if he and his wife had signed the indemnity, hoping they had not so I did not have to consider the effect of the document. I have now considered it and concluded that it probably does not override the lease. However, there is still...
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      Would anyone be able to advise if a RMC can raise sales invoices to Directors, for property expenses that relate to their leasehold properties. The sales invoices raise are itemised in the Notes to the service charges at. 4. Transactions with Directors and 5. Related party transactions
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      I agree with Eagle 2 - As Director I am complying with the Companies Act 2006 to act in the best interests of the Company....
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      If you were filing a false document, I would agree, however, you are not and there is a greater risk of being personally responsible for the ongoing penalties which are being incurred. You are acting consistently with your claim that the previous officers of the Company could and should have filed statutory...
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      I'd be very wary of filing a false financial instrument particularly with the revelations about the other parties...
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    • Reply to License to Alter required to carry out repairs?
      by Macromia
      It doesn't sound to me that this is an issue with what is/isn't demised.
      It sounds like the floor covering is within the demise, but the floor covering present at the time of purchase was one that the lease does not allow without the freeholder's consent.

      The indemnity that was signed...
      01-08-2021, 07:52 AM
    • Reply to Accounting for RMC
      by SHill
      [QUOTE=eagle2;n1164773]I I can send you a PDF by private message if you wish..

      Thank you that would be useful....
      31-07-2021, 20:37 PM
    • Reply to License to Alter required to carry out repairs?
      by ram
      Your lease should state what is included in your demise, therefore responsible to maintain / fix .
      It usually states, you are demised
      the floor boards, internal plaster over the bricks, and either half the floor joists, and half the ceiling joists. If it does not include mention of the joists,
      31-07-2021, 13:37 PM