Rude, Agressive and Obstructive Freeholder

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  • Macromia
    Realistically, there is nothing that you can do about freeholders (or leaseholders) who are rude.

    What you can do, is to either make things as difficult as possible for the difficult freeholder (including potentially using the courts/FTT tribunal to get service charges ruled unpayable, if they are making mistakes), or try to get a court appointed manager put in place (a temporary 'solution' only, and one that can potentially work out expensive - so usually best avoided unless there is urgent maintenance that isn't being done, that you believe a manager would get sorted).
    Neither option would help your relationship with the difficult freeholder, and disputes need to be declared if you sell.

    The advice in situations like this is often to cut your losses and sell up before the situation/relationship gets worse.

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  • KeepTheFaith
    I haven't got a long term solution sorry these situations are like being stuckin a bad marriage but with regards to anything she doesn't have any obvious legal case for eg demanding tenants dont become pregnant I would say you can ignore it. Don't refer to it in your replies because that just draws you into their crazy arguments.

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  • Rude, Agressive and Obstructive Freeholder

    I own a flat in a converted property of 3 flats, with the other two properties (considerably bigger than mine), owning 50% of the freehold each. I have owned my property for ~30 years, and rent it to tenants.

    Despite promptly attending to all my obligations under the lease, including prompt payment of maintentance work / insurance, one of the freeholders is breathtakingly rude and offensive, and has been so for many years. Demands range from the breathtakingly inconsiderate to frankly illegal (eg demanding I contractually mandate my tenants not to become pregnant, threatening to cut off my kitchen waste-pipe, making illegal demands for service fees, leaving maintenance work unpaid for months...) . Almost every time maintenance has been needed, there is an absence of consideration of anyone but her own needs, which she expects to be dealt with urgently, but does not reciprocate. Further communications almost always deteriorate into abusive/offensive emails from her - I have a file full of agressive and abusive emails. I always keep my communications factual and dry, to avoid sinking to her level.

    The situation is stressful for the other leaseholder/50% freeholder who tries extremely hard to accommodate everyone.

    Any ideas of how to manage this offensive woman and our legal position? All suggestions welcome... thanks!

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