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    LPE1 Questions

    For the purposes of LPE1 could someone clarify the below:

    1. Slightly confused by the terms 'Managed Area' and 'Common Parts'. For a building of 4 standalone flats with no communal areas or entrances.

    a) I assume the "Managed Area" is the building containing the flats?

    b) And there are no "Common Parts"?
    c) If so does the freeholder need to provide a Fire Assessment and Asbestos Survey?

    2. The freeholder has replied with most of the LPE1 enquiries, but some questions were left blank (requirement for deed of covenant /licence). I have followed up to ask them to clarify but are they obligated to answer all questions in a form if we have paid for it?

    Managed area will include the building and any grounds, gardens, outbuildings, etc., basically anything that the leaseholders may be required to contribute to the maintenance of via service charges.

    Common parts would include communal corridors, gardens, etc., and may also include parts of the building that can't actually be accessed by leaseholders, such as the roof.

    I believe that fire assessments and asbestos surveys wouldn't be required if their are no common areas that are used by residents.

    Freeholders aren't obliged to answer LPE1 enquiries at all, and won't be obliged to answer any questions that aren't applicable to the property. It will generally be in their best interest to answer questions relating to things like requirements for a deed of covenant or licence though - because they can use it as evidence that the new leaseholder was told of requirements.


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    • Reply to Can freeholder reclaim parts of leasehold communal area?
      by Gordon999
      I suggest you make enquiry at the local council and get confirmation in writing there should be 5 visitor parking spaces provided at your block of flats....
      26-10-2020, 02:12 AM
    • Can freeholder reclaim parts of leasehold communal area?
      by Raine55
      17-10-2020, 14:12 PM
      I live in a long leasehold flat on a development of 11 properties and communal gardens/car park. There is a corner of the car park that is not marked with parking spaces but still within the boundary line of the leased area described in the leases. The freeholder is a resident...
      17-10-2020, 14:08 PM
    • Reply to would an RTM company now be responsible for fixing the roof?
      by Gordon999
      How many years since your building was completed ? If the timber beams under the roof tiles are still in good condition , then the repair work may be just replacing some cracked tiles. When standing in the roof space, can you see daylight coming through the small cracks or holes. If there...
      26-10-2020, 01:52 AM
    • would an RTM company now be responsible for fixing the roof?
      by tigerprawn
      Hi -
      - in the lease it states that the Lessor (named as the freeholder) has responsibility for maintaining the roof / basement etc.

      but with a new RTM company in place - does the company take on that responsibility?

      any helpful points regarding RTM and fixing roofes...
      24-10-2020, 18:39 PM
    • Reply to would an RTM company now be responsible for fixing the roof?
      by tigerprawn
      Hello Chris - thanks for your reply. I'm 1 of 4 directors in a 6 flat block. Over years the roof has been neglected and we're in the unfortunate postion of probably needing a very expensive repair (leaks are small, but the source can't be located). At the moment it looks like the freeholder (who is...
      25-10-2020, 17:38 PM
    • Reply to Refusal to enforce leasehold covenants
      by nukecad
      Possibly if it's a macerating toilet, and the macerator itself could be noisy.

      Then again it may be a pump to boot the pressure for a power shower.
      Not that unusual in upper storey bathrooms.

      If it's only comming from the bathroom then the noise may even be a run-on extractor...
      25-10-2020, 17:32 PM
    • Refusal to enforce leasehold covenants
      by Sussex818
      I am living in a leasehold property and there is a plumbing issue from above (water hammer I beleive) where everytime the water is used in the flat above there is a vibration that can be heard in the whole flat and is very disturbing

      We don't own the freehold but the lease differentiates...
      24-10-2020, 12:50 PM
    • Reply to Refusal to enforce leasehold covenants
      by Sussex818
      The vibrations only come from the bathroom but can be heard throughout my whole flat when water is running in there, or when the toilet flushes. They are trying to palm me off by saying it is a water pump (would a water pump even come into action when toilet flushing?) and that it is normal noise but...
      25-10-2020, 17:21 PM
    • Reply to Potential mistake in original lease
      by Sue Chang
      Yes when I bid for this property I expected it to be 107 years. But later on my solicitor spotted this difference and checked with Land Registry, who told us it should be 125 years and they could amend it for free, which started to confuse me. Because I realised it could be a title defect which might...
      25-10-2020, 17:17 PM
    • Potential mistake in original lease
      by Sue Chang
      I just bought a leasehold flat. My landlord is the council, but it is an underlessor and has its landlord as well, which is the freeholder. The original lease states a length of 125 years but all my neighbours are 107 years. I think 107 years make more sense here the original headlease between council...
      25-10-2020, 09:43 AM