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    FTT Submission

    I am a leaseholder. Could someone please advise where to find a sample FTT submission for lease extension? The Freeholder is refusing to agree terms even though I have offered him what he is asking just to get it done. His solicitor is unhelpful in helping to get a sensible answer so I’ve applied to FTT as last resort. I can’t afford fees for advisors. Thanks.

    Hi. To be clear, you are using the 1993 Act, no? Not an informal deal?

    An informal deal can't go to the tribunal as the premium and deed of variation is whatever the freeholder wants to offer/agree. I personally think it would be unwise to self-negotiate a statutory extension without professional valuations in line with Schedule 13. And a solicitor.

    Hardly surprising the LL's solicitor isn't being helpful to you. Not their job.

    I have read a tribunal case where a lessee presented a champion and carefully costed case, full of research, got the praise of the court for effort, but still shot down because it was all amateur.

    You may not have the luxury of time, but if you really cannot afford advisors, I'd personally await the promised, allegedly imminent (?!), law change threatening to simplify statutory lease extensions, remove need to pay the LL's costs, and even talk of very long extensions and of course peppercorn ground rents.
    Do not read my offerings, based purely on my research or experience as a lessee, as legal advice. If you need legal advice please see a solicitor.


      @Mr Soffit: Thanks. Yes, it’s a formal applicatIon. I have got advisers for the very reason you say, but costs of FTT on top of FH’s costs, my own incurred to date plus premium will be challenging.

      FTT is not my choice but running out of options if FH will not agree terms.


        The LEASE website ( www.lease-advice.org) has records of past FTT decisions and you can search for reports of past decisions on statutory lease extension..


          Ring up a reputable surveying company that does valuations they can be helpful?


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            by flyingfreehold
            In practice what will happen is that the solicitors dealing with the estate will write to you for confirmation that no money is due under the lease, and they will pay you because a buyer will want to take the flat clear of arrears.
            17-04-2021, 17:31 PM
          • Outstanding Service Charges - What to do when the leaseholder dies?
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            I have done a bit of research, but I am still not sure where it is best to start so hoping for a few pointers with outstanding service charges.

            I'm a freeholder of a converted house. I recently sent a letter of claim to the leaseholder for non-payment of service charges, advising...
            16-04-2021, 07:36 AM
          • Reply to Outstanding Service Charges - What to do when the leaseholder dies?
            by Anna_A
            Thanks to each of you for your help. I had thought that perhaps there would be a process for the executor to follow with the small claims court in the event of someone passing away rather than obviously pursuing with a deceased person. Jon66, thanks for the article, really helpful, and for all your...
            17-04-2021, 09:51 AM
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            by Lawcruncher
            The Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992 allows you to apply to the court for access rights, but only for carrying out repairs and not for carrying out improvements....
            17-04-2021, 07:35 AM
          • Understanding a lease
            by Pattyb
            Can anyone tell me what this means and how much ground rent is to be paid and when ?


            To hold the demised premises unto the Lease from the nineteenth day of December One thousand nine hundred and fifty-four for the term of nine hundred and ninety-nine years yielding and...
            10-04-2021, 21:29 PM
          • Reply to Money Claim Online
            by Sherry7
            Having a Court Judgement proving the FH has breached the lease is great but can that potentially put buyers off? It might well put me off buying a property knowing the FH is negligent. Seems everything a leaseholder does to try and remedy a problem then has a 'black mark' against them when trying to...
            17-04-2021, 07:15 AM
          • Money Claim Online
            by Sherry7
            Has anyone used this Money Claim Online to make a claim of a freeholder to carry out some maintenance? The form looks impressive and could save on legal fees if it works. Any input appreciated. Thanks
            14-04-2021, 16:11 PM
          • Reply to Understanding a lease
            by Pattyb
            Aside from getting consent from the freeholder to build in the loft, the neighbors downstairs said they would not allow any scaffolding to be put on their land. They own the front, side and back gardens, which is in their lease, it is not shared so I guess it would be classed as trespassing.
            17-04-2021, 07:09 AM
          • Reserve Fund charge for wooden cladding replacement
            by DP64
            Hi, sorry if this has been covered elsewhere but didn't find anything when searching.

            I lease a top floor, one bedroom flat in a 3 storey purpose built block. I've just received a bill of £636 for the 'Reserve Fund' for this block. In early March I received a letter from the management...
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            by philg
            thanks DP for posting this , i saw a third floor flat with minimal wooden cladding and wondered if it would make a good investment . it seemed to ` stick ` on the market and this maybe explains why . many flats here have wooden balconies but not been able to suss out if folks having trouble getting...
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