Managing Agents Massively Screwed Up Section 42

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    Originally posted by divadee View Post

    S42 amount - 10,052
    lease length- 64 years
    property location - central south coast (where everyone is flocking too currently 😉)
    property value with a long lease - approx £160,000
    ground rent - £25 doubling every 25 years

    Thank you for any help in advance.
    The statutory price assuming 85% relativity gives a result of £15,250 (Capitalization rate 6% - but that hardly matters, 5% for deferment rate - in line with Sportelli)

    So you are down £5,000 - so as I suggested earlier everyone takes a haircut - now it would be £1650 each - it really is in everyone's interest because in litigation, at this figure, there will be no winners


      Originally posted by Lorimer View Post

      You can only make this argument within the time given for the counter notice and then only if the premium offered was derisory ...
      That is not correct

      If a notice proposes a figure which is too low, then the notice can be viewed as invalid and therefore (if that assumption is correct) no counter notice is required

      The lessee can then apply for a vesting order and the merits of the case will be judged, if it is found to be valid then of course the failure to serve the counter notice will mean the figure proposed has to be accepted

      The litigation costs will dwarf the sums involved and all parties must reflect upon that - everyone needs to take a haircut !


        Taking your figures and assuming the ground rent has now doubled to £50 the lease extension is fairly valued at in the order of £17,700 (plus section 60 costs). There was recently a case of a chap who sued a local authority and got judgement online during lockdown as there was no local government officer bothering to look at the post. The judge agreed to set it aside. I think it is pi55 poor for a managing agent not to arrange for someone to have come in and looked for urgent notices and so forth and you are entitled to look to them for damages. For what it is worth I run a compact managing agency and we managed to get one person in a couple of days a week throughout, who scanned anything important looking to personnel who were either shielding or locked down.


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          by theta
          I received a section 42 notice for a statutory lease extension for a flat where I own the freehold. There are 87 years remaining on the lease, and ground rent review is every 10 years linked to RPI (next review 2027).
          My appointed managing agent recommended a solicitor with experience on this,...
          25-09-2020, 07:56 AM
        • Reply to Lease extension - should I pursue non statutory?
          by sgclacy
          Flying freehold is quite correct, but his words have incorrectly interpreted by the OP.

          Both individuals and companies can roll over gains resulting from statutory lease extensions. Individuals pay CGT and companies pay corporation tax on their gains....
          26-09-2020, 21:26 PM
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          I am freeholder and tenant in a converted Victorian house. The lessee of the top flat wants to sell and asked for written consent for:
          1) right to pass from a driveway that leads to a parking spot. His lease mentions the right to park in that spot (along with another lessee, so 2 flats have the...
          28-04-2020, 18:46 PM
        • Reply to Freeholder's consent
          by Section20z
          Why did you tell them ?
          If they want a ridiculous amount then just back out, no great loss and unlikely they will take action for the breach.
          If they do then deal with it then ....
          26-09-2020, 20:53 PM
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          by Vednaik
          Hi, I want to buy freehold of my semi-detached property and have approached the landlord. The lease is for 800 years and ground rent is 7£ per annum. The previous owners have done a loft conversion . I being a first time buyer was unaware of the consent thing and had trusted that solictors will sort...
          26-09-2020, 20:36 PM
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          I have a long lease on a flat in a Victorian converted building with a demised parking space on the driveway. The Landlord is currently selling the two other flats in the building, which previously were tenanted. To make them more profitable he has concreted over the front garden to create a parking...
          25-09-2020, 15:10 PM
        • Reply to Front garden to parking
          by mikkimolly
          Thanks Scott, yes this has been a wakeup call for me, believing that the church would act in good faith. Being told that their changes would not impact my lease, when i asked for further and better details of the changes was arrogant and patronising. I have mulled this over and decided to seek specialist...
          26-09-2020, 19:00 PM
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          sorry this may in the wrong forum but I could not see a forum title which was relevant
          my wife and I own (leasehold) two flats in a block of 3 flats
          each of the 3 flats has two parking spaces in a 30 space parking court
          in 2018, we became the RTM for the building but the parking court...
          25-09-2020, 22:30 PM
        • Reply to management and maintenance costs for parking court
          by AndrewDod
          What does your lease say?
          What the lease says is what you do.

          I doubt the lease and RTM order say that they can charge a massive fee for managing the car park....
          26-09-2020, 17:29 PM
        • Reply to Lease extension - should I pursue non statutory?
          by theta
          Thank you, it's in my name so can't roll the CGT (but I assume it's partial disposal so shouldn't be any immediate tax due anyway?).
          This option to buy back the lease is quite interesting, I didn't know about it. Is it standard for all statutory lease extensions? Can you point me somewhere to...
          26-09-2020, 14:19 PM