Ladder put on my balcony without consent

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    Ladder put on my balcony without consent

    Hi. I have the leasehold of a flat in a converted house. One of my neighbours wants the communal aerial to work again and so the managing agent contracted someone to do it. This bloke came today and was supposed to access the roof via scaffolding . He did this until he got to my floor where he came onto my balcony and put up his ladder there without asking. He caused a deep scratch to the wooden decking and two of the decks appear to be further apart. I am really cross. Do I have reason and should I see some kind of acknowledgement of this - or am I knackered and being unreasonable because of lockdown. Thanks.

    Write to the contractor (not the managing agent) and ask/demand restoration of the damage or compensation to get it fixed yourself, they should have insurance to cover public liability.

    Take photos of the damage, and the ladder if it is still there.

    You may want to wait until the work is completed before making a full claim, just in case there is any more damage.
    But it may also be a good idea to contact them now to let them know that you are not a happy bunny.


      The balcony is not necessarily in your demise (even though you have sole regular access). Nor is the flooring necessarily yours. What does your lease say?


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