New Flat owners relocating living room above bedroom

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    Originally posted by ChrisDennison View Post

    I would say it depends. It could be really bad advice. Or it could be really effective advice. I think this mainly depends on the approach which the other two take, and on the depth of their pockets.
    It might produce the desired effect, but it's still really bad advice.

    Even if the people in the upstair flat agree to change the way they use their rooms around again, and don't decide to take any action against what is effectively a form of blackmail, it still leads to the type of relationship between leaseholders/co-freeholders that should be avoided.


      If there is no direct covenant or regulation in the lease that states room uses must remain the same, your fellow freeholder has done nothing wrong. I do not believe that you could use the nuisance clause against your fellow freeholder either. Even you admit that the noise level is in the normal range. The only reason it affects you at all is because their living room space is now above your bedroom space.


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