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  • Gordon999
    This free guide may help you , can download from LEASE :

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  • Carlk
    started a topic Section 20b tenant advice

    Section 20b tenant advice

    Hi all,

    I am after some advice regarding a section 20b I was issued. It was issues in September 2018 for year end 3oth March 2018. It can itemised with amounts totaling around 12k.

    We have only now had the account and demand for the additional payments. However the total development figure they are looking to recover is 31k - which is the total loss on the accounts.

    The problem I have here is that some items they are asking for payment for are not on the section 20b notice, some are lower than asked for on the section 20b and others that were listed on the section 20b do not feature in the accounts.

    Can anyone advice on where I stand with this please


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    When you say new build, is it new enough to still be under warranty. New house typically get 2 years from developer. And not sure if flats get it but usually 10 year warranty against serious issues.
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    What does your lease say on the subject? (Reproduce relevant part here.)
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    The freehold must be registered, I suppose no reply from the address on the register?
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    Thank you for your replies which give me food for thought.
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    Although there is a main door intercom connected to each flat, when residents answer they cannot buzz open the main door but have to open it manually. This system was put in place many years ago for security purposes after a spate of break-ins...
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    Fair point andy. Could of course be 3 on 2 levels. I commented without relevant facts.
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