Freeholder stops us all from selling

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    Freeholder stops us all from selling

    Freeholder stops us selling our flats as he says we all owe him 10.000 from 2011 ..2012 building works service charges ECT..

    even though tribunal have removed him as manager in 2012.

    he owes on his flats around 300.000 from 2001 up until 2012 ..

    The freeholder won't send us any demands for the 10.000 he says we owe .however he waits until the minority leaseholders try and sell then he makes his demand ..

    he won't give us a break down of how much is building works or service charges.

    he just lumps it all in together as 10.000 .
    and is doing it under the 12 year limitations act .

    We have been to various people to sort this .

    No one seems to be able to sort this out

    Send an enquiry to legal advisor at LEASE ( )


      Demand an explanation and ask to see the paperwork? Was there an s20 L&T Act consultation with each leaseholder. Take it to FTT


        Normally bills over 18 months or older cannot be charged to the service charge account.


          Make an application to the FTT and get the matter determined and then armed with that decision you can move on As you will have firm evidence to show there is no liability

          for those who want to sell now they could agree with a buyer to lodge the £10k in a solicitors client account pending the FTT decision - which due to Covid 19 may we’ll be a year away


            Unbelievable! Let's hope the Law Commission report due on the 21st July 2020 will address such abuses.


              Thanks for your reply' s we will go to the FTT to address these alleged service charge demand 2011.2012..

              The previous two independants leaseholders flat sales ending up with the freeholder
              purchasing the flats at low prices however with the 20.000 and 30.000 alleged owing service charges still owing on them .

              this 50.000 owing on the 2 flats has not found its way to the tribunal appointed manager .and tribunal appointed manager wont persue this debt as it was before he was appointed in 2012.

              is there any course of action that can be taken to get the freeholder's historical 300.000 debt paid.


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