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    Lease not enforced

    Hi All;
    I live in a block development of 30 flats (each flat has a share of the freehold), I have a big problem with the board of directors and management not enforcing the lease.
    In affect my problem is very much like the one in the following post:
    Since I first moved in to my property I have started to notice that the company directors (effectively the landlords) are not enforcing the lease and that the managing company is not doing anything about that either. More and more things are ignored. Toys in the communal gardens that seemed to have permanently moved in to the gardens, Trampoline and Swing, 2m by 2m by 2m shed in the communal garden, SORN and un-taxed cars parked in the communal car park, hard flooring, unauthorized pets ( while there is ‘No Pets’ clause) and the latest Cannabis. I am sure the list is longer if I were to invest more time in investigating the breaches.
    I am worried that I may be over zealous in trying to force the lease to a point that it will actually bring it to a point where Tribunal / lawyers will tear the lease away as it is not worth the paper it is written on (as in 'waiver').
    I am willing to take it to F.T.T and even take legal action against the board of directors and the management. However, it appears the breaches have been going on for along time 10+years so I don't know what are my chances in getting it fixed or getting others to support my action.
    I have become one of the directors to try and fix it but without success. So do I need to resign before taking it to F.T.T. or before taking any legal actions?
    I am really desperate for some help.

    Many Thanks.

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