Ground rent demands - timescale per legislation, advice please

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    Ground rent demands - timescale per legislation, advice please

    We have a lease which specifies that ground rent is payable twice per year in advance by a date in May and a date in November. The lease is silent as to invoicing. However we know from legislation that lessees have to be invoiced and that this has to be accompanied by a statement of rights at their address for service IN ORDER TO BE PAYABLE.

    My question related to how long in advance the requests can be. Let us suppose a lessor sent out a single invoice (with a statement of rights) to the lessee specifying on a single page 20 dates over the next 10 years on which ground rents are payable. Then the lessee has to pay these automatically without further demand or be in default.

    This seems wrong to me and I want to challenge it. Can anyone point me to a bit of legislation or rule that prevents this means of getting around the legislation?

    Just download the sample "rent demand notice" from


      Thank you - that is very helpful.


        Ground rent demands have to be received at least 30 days but no more than 60 days before payment is due.

        If I remember correctly its section 66 of the Leasehold and Commonhold Reform Act 2002 (or something like that)


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