Landscaper change vote by shareholders?

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    Landscaper change vote by shareholders?

    I was tasked with finding a landscaper to do the landscaping and all came in 40% less than the current landscaper. I spoke with one of the other directors of the property management company and she said if I can get it cheaper get it sorted. The original landscaper came back with a new price of 160 and 4 others quoted 90 to 110 per month, had AGM Monday and it was discussed I would sort this out, so the original landscaper has been instructed to stop and a new one instructed to start only to have the original director who told me to sort it say that all directors and shareholders should all vote? I am the Company secretary of the PMC. Is this correct?

    Unless delegated to an individual, decisions should be made by the board of governors. If you start taking instructions from individuals therein lies chaos. Directors run the Company.
    it seems to me that to some extent you are being asked to do a Property Manager job.
    I have suggested you research the role of Company Secretary.
    Do the directors have regular, minutes meetings.


      Originally posted by scot22 View Post
      I have suggested you research the role of Company Secretary.
      Do the directors have regular, minutes meetings.
      Minutes are 1 per year, for 4 directors, 2 directors are related, 1 is about to resign and me. An issue has arisen where by the 2 related directors are breaching 2 of the covenants of the lease, I have asked them to stop and they acknowledge they breach but continue. this was brought up at the AGM and the 2 directors said they'd done nothing wrong and I was being over zealous. Then the directors involved the shareholders to back them up which they did. Unfortunately directors A & B obviously have a conflict of interest, any ideas what to do here please?

      During the meeting I was elected to to do several tasks, 1 being landscaping as current landscaper has sent a new quote and increased by 40% for no additional work, director A emailed me the quote in June and said to cancel it if I have found someone who will do the work for less money. I invited 4 contractors and each quoted 68% less than the current landscaper.

      During the AGM I said I would contact the original landscaper and speak with him and close the account, which I did and emailed him confirmation. That day the original landscaper called director A (the same one who told me to cancel it in an email), and he told him the contractor to continue, directors A & B then call at my door and tells me that we should have had a vote on it at the AGM - I said OK. The day after both directors call at my door again to tell they "have had a chat with the other residents" who are happy to stay with the original landscaper. When I challenged director A about the email why hesent it, he mummbled and shrugged, director B when asked why the issue, he told me, "he likes the contractor".

      What do I do about the breach of lease as well as this situation, they seem to be underminding me and this is how they seem to run the company?

      Thank you, I will research CS this weekend.


        Your good nature is being taken advantage of. Are you a director ?
        Decisions ought to be made at directors meetings.
        Do they count the AGM as a directors meeting ? It isnt.
        Sorry just a brief reply, just arrived at our 2nd home following easing.
        Will keep my eye on thread. Hope people like lawcruncher and ram, to name 2 of some knowledgeable people post.


          A couple of quick thoughts.

          Does the Company have adequate Directors and Officers liability insurance ? You have taken on the role of an officer.

          Do not sign any contracts with just your name. Make sure it is followed by on behalf of...........


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