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    Confused - E & M Management

    Totally confused. Solicitor did a lease extension on an 80s purpose built flat in private development. The freeholder is the local council.

    However, for reason, the statutory notices had been served on the local council and E&M management. They were pain to deal with.

    I am still confused about this, as land registry shows, the council is the freeholder. E&M don't even manage the block. How did E&M get into the picture?

    I have done several lease extension, but none have this confusion.

    On a separate matter, I had a noise complaint. I contacted the people who manage the block, but they also went and spoke to E&M. I asked them how they are related.

    Can the council have sold the Freehold to E&M, yet still maintain their name on the land registry title?

    You have to contact the local council to ask who is the agent for collecting ground rent.

    Perhaps the solicitor is handling two different lease extensions and solicitor 's office staff got them mixed up.


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