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    Originally posted by Gordon999 View Post
    According to the dictionary, "underlet" means letting below market value whilst "sublet" mean letting to another person.
    Originally posted by Gordon999 View Post
    Lay persons have to rely on the meaning of "underlet" as in the dictionary.

    The lease does not state that "underlet" is the same meaning as "sublet".
    You would be extremely unlikely to get very far if you tried to use arguments of this sort in a court or tribunal.

    Firstly because, if the legal definition of a word is accepted as potentially being different from the way the word is used by 'lay persons', lay persons are expected to know the legal usage if they challenge the meaning in a court or tribunal.

    Secondly, in this example at least, it is very easy to find a dictionary definition that says that "underlet" can have the same meaning as "sublet". In fact, the first three dictionary links I clicked on include this definition:


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    • Managing Agents Massively Screwed Up Section 42
      by divadee
      We are the freeholders to a block of flats. We own the freehold in a limited company.

      Apparently one of the flats issued a Section 42 back in April with a date of July for any counter offers.

      Our managing agents have only just told us about this TODAY and we are way out of...
      04-08-2020, 12:24 PM
    • Reply to Managing Agents Massively Screwed Up Section 42
      by sgclacy
      The statutory price assuming 85% relativity gives a result of £15,250 (Capitalization rate 6% - but that hardly matters, 5% for deferment rate - in line with Sportelli)

      So you are down £5,000 - so as I suggested earlier everyone takes a haircut - now it would be £1650 each - it really...
      09-08-2020, 22:58 PM
    • Reply to Managing Agents Massively Screwed Up Section 42
      by divadee
      We have learnt a bitter hard lesson about this. We will be doing this through our solicitor. We just thought we could rely on the managing agents, as they are company secretary's for the freehold company but live and learn.

      Hopefully it will all be over one day, us moved out and onwards...
      09-08-2020, 20:16 PM
    • Reply to Managing Agents Massively Screwed Up Section 42
      by divadee
      S42 amount - 10,052
      lease length- 64 years
      property location - central south coast (where everyone is flocking too currently 😉)
      property value with a long lease - approx £160,000
      ground rent - £25 doubling every 25 years

      Thank you for any help in advance....
      09-08-2020, 20:13 PM
    • Freeholder Roof Maintenance
      by Matt F
      Hello. My flat is rented out - it's a leasehold and managed by a management company on behalf of an investment company who are the freeholder. Recently, while undertaking some other works, the surveyor noticed that the roof was sagging. Further investigation with a structural engineer has revealed that...
      09-08-2020, 17:48 PM
    • Reply to Freeholder Roof Maintenance
      by Anna1985
      If I am not mistaken you are to have a new roof every 25 years? So it is worth bearing it in mind....
      09-08-2020, 19:31 PM
    • Reply to Freeholder Roof Maintenance
      by scot22
      Are owners working together ? If so commit to sharing the cost of disputing the charge.
      I think it essential to engage surveyor with leasehold knowledge to advise both on work and responsibility.
      It will cost so I suggest an escrow account to protect interests.
      09-08-2020, 18:25 PM
    • Building with FH owning commercial units and flats
      by Stacker
      I have been reading through a lease for a property with a commercial shop on the ground floor and two flats above...the Flat leases pay ground rent but the service charge apportionment is does not state a percentage and I cant see it is apportioned by area the only percentage...
      09-08-2020, 17:16 PM
    • Reply to Tools for RTMC & Block self-management experience
      by scot22
      The list is long because it is an onerous responsibility. My mantra was is everyone does a little no-one has to do a lot. Unfortunately everyone didn't.
      Remember people will move and new owners have different attitude. My experience is limited to one block but also voluntary organisations....
      09-08-2020, 12:50 PM
    • Tools for RTMC & Block self-management experience
      by stokey83
      1) We shall soon acquire the management function of our block (RTMC) and do not intend to appoint a managing agent. What are the simple tools available online for managing company accounts / service charges, contractors, maintenance/repairs, building docs, etc?
      2) I am also interested...
      07-08-2020, 15:48 PM