Replacement Windows not as good

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    Replacement Windows not as good

    My landlord decreed that the hard wood windows should be replaced with upvc (Whether is was sensible is a different matter!!)

    There are three sets of double windows (Bedroom, Lounge, Kitchen). In each case both windows of the set opened.

    The new double windows in kitchen and bedroom only have one half that opens. (In the lounge, both halves open)
    I was told 'replace' which I understood to mean like with like.

    Can I complain and get the landlord to install equivalent windows in kitchen and bedroom?


    You can complain and I'm sure your landlord will say no.


      You can find another property .


        Of course you can complain but no landlord is going to replace new windows just because you don't like them. The only way you get that degree of control over a property is to own it yourself.


          Sorry, but reality is nothing will get done. Possibly 'll might have listened beforehand but now no chance.


            I think the answer
            Unshackled by the chains of idle vanity, A modest manatee, that's me


              Yes - I rather thought so too. Oh well.Thanks anyway


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                I'd partially disagree with ^.
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                In response to your questions:

                1. You will need the landlord to sign a TR1 as suggested above. If your friend has passed away then his Executors will have to sign;
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                check the tenant's lease but normally you should (a) ensure all rent and service charges are paid up to date; (b) check that there are no existing breaches of the lease. If there are then you should require the tenant to deal with these before agreeing to acknowledge the transfer.

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