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    a friend of mine asked an interesting question today which i don't know the answer to! What would be the correct thing to do in relation to adding members to a company if the lease was in joint names? E.g. for a lease held mr and mrs bloggs, would they be entered on the companies house register of members as 'mr and mrs bloggs' or would they have to be separate i.e. mr bloggs and mrs bloggs?

    imo it would be the latter, but this would be confusing as each leaseholder would have one vote on matters, therefore they would each have 0.5 votes each

    Joint leaseholders are considered to be one qualifying tenant. Their details are entered separately but at the time of applying for membership they need to state what order their names should appear in the register of members. They only have one vote as a qualifying tenant - if both of them try and vote, then the vote of the individual first in the order in the register is the only one that is accepted.


      As chris1544 says. There is no such thing as half a vote.


        i see, presumably it wouldn't be much of an issue anyway as unlikely joint leaseholders would vote differently (if they had the opportunity)


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        • Reply to Voting Rights and Required Percentages
          by Andrea Cunningham
          Is it 3/4 of shareholders, or 3/4 of a quorate meeting? Could be 4 people needed in the former case, but possibly only 3 in the latter.

          Likeliest is that most decisions are made by a majority of votes at a quorate meeting - if there is a 50/50 impasse then the chair has a right to a casting...
          23-01-2022, 20:56 PM
        • Voting Rights and Required Percentages
          by Arizona
          Good Morning. I'm brand new to this site so I apologise if this question is in the wrong section.

          My wife and I live in a self contained apartment in a converted old house. There are five apartments in total, occupied by five separate couples. We are all leaseholders and we collectively,...
          23-01-2022, 08:52 AM
        • Reply to Enfranchising from a company I'm already a member of.
          by Andrea Cunningham
          Well over a year later - BUMP!
          23-01-2022, 20:41 PM
        • Enfranchising from a company I'm already a member of.
          by Andrea Cunningham
          The estate I live on has 2 blocks. All the leaseholders are members of the company which owns the freehold and manages the block ("Share of freehold").

          Suppose one of the 2 blocks decides to go it alone - so in other words gain the freehold from a company they are already a member...
          04-10-2021, 12:07 PM
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          by Sarah17
          Hi All,
          I recently bought a flat and learned since that the flat above is a regulated tenancy. The current tenant has moved in 1972. The flat is in a very shabby state, and I am worried about it (safety concerns, fire risk...etc). I wrote to the landlord and didn't receive any answer yet. A few...
          16-01-2022, 17:57 PM
        • Reply to Isn't there any obligation to be insured?
          by Sarah17
          Hi All, many many thanks for your answers. As it is a regulated tenancy (beginning in 1972), indeed the rent is very low, the LL is doing the minimum expecting the tenant to move. I had the opportunity to look inside, it sounds in a very bad state, but I don't know up to which point this is just a...
          23-01-2022, 17:14 PM
        • Reply to Adjoining garage roofs
          by NaomiB
          I'm afraid there is not the slightest chance that the roofs will all be done at once so that one's out. Although the flats are managed well, the garages never have been. The other garages in that block of six are owned by the freeholder. With him, it's a case of 'I won't do anything unless I can get...
          23-01-2022, 17:05 PM
        • Adjoining garage roofs
          by NaomiB
          A year ago I bought a run down garage with a leaking roof. I thought I would be able to fix it with Flashband but it was impossible. I got a new roof and door and let it out to a neighbour. The flats are managed but the garages are not.

          Yesterday I got a text from the owner of the adjoining...
          10-01-2022, 07:19 AM
        • Reply to Adjoining garage roofs
          by JK0
          I don't think you'll hear from your roofer, Naomi. I refer you to what I said before.

          Whatever he does will be done grudgingly, even if you get trading standards involved. Do you really want him to come back to do more of the same?

          As before, the roofs need all...
          23-01-2022, 16:48 PM
        • Reply to Adjoining garage roofs
          by NaomiB
          I wrote to my roofer on 10 Jan but have had no reply. On Thursday my son went up to get better pictures. They show that the rubber has flapped right back and needs re-fixing. I wrote to him again on Friday but haven't had a reply. I am worried he is going to say it's wind damage but surely, with...
          23-01-2022, 16:15 PM