2 Directors of PMC in breach of their lease – options?

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  • GeeMan16966
    The articles do not ention they have to reside at the place they manage. Do I just report director B to her seperate PMC and put the other director A on notice that if it continues the solicitor will be involved to force compliance to the lease?

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  • Gordon999
    Check the company's listing on Companies House website . It may cost £1 to download the Articles of Memorandum. .

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  • GeeMan16966
    Originally posted by Macromia View Post
    Check the articles of the PMC.
    How do I get a copy of the articles of incorporation? None on HMRC!

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  • Macromia
    Check the articles of the PMC.

    It is not automatically the case that directors are required to be residents, but it does apply in many similar companies.

    It should also be possible to get directors voted out and replaced with new directors - if you have sufficient support from other shareholders.

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  • 2 Directors of PMC in breach of their lease – options?

    We just moved to a development in the UK that has 2 parts, the first part (A –ours) and (B – new development). One of the directors owned the leasehold but sold it and moved from A to B but still holds his directorship – can he do this even though he has sold his property? All owners are shareholders in the PMC.

    Now there is common land throughout the development which stipulates in the lease (both mirrored leases) that no active recreation or games are permitted. Both directors - 1 from A and 1 from B play golf on the common ground. They are related and are the first to tell anyone, that they are in breach of their deeds. I have confronted them and told them they are in breach of their leases under covenants which they have acknowledged but still carry on regardless! What are my options as Company Secretary of the PMC for director of A? For B do I report her to their separate PMC?

    It seems they have had historic attitude problems, with one rule for them and the lease rules for everyone else!

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  • Reply to Neighbour Dispute over Bins
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    Make application to local Magistrates Court for order on commercia owner to give rear door access on bin collection day .
    17-05-2022, 19:50 PM
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    A leaseholder, whether resident at flat or not, is contracted under the lease to pay annual service charge contributions when due. If he refuses to pay when due, the RTM can make the claim for service charge arrears through the small claims court (online) .

    To become a director of...
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    Unlikely that anything in your M&A would prohibit that...
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    Hoping to get some clarification,

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    Because it is a highly complicated subject and only the finest brains in the land can grapple with the subject - that is what the valuers will say .

    Gerald eve graph is highly respected and is one of the many that the Tribunal will rely on

    it is interesting that if you discount...
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  • Reply to Continuing the Section 42 notice
    by Muchroom
    Thank you to sgclacy and Gordon999
    17-05-2022, 14:28 PM
  • Reply to Continuing the Section 42 notice
    by Muchroom
    I have managed to track down the vendors Solicitors who are in receipt of his reply which has now been sent to my solicitor so I am back on track and it will all now go ahead.

    Just got a little panicked as I know you have to adhere to a particular timeline.
    17-05-2022, 14:26 PM
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