Water coming in from flat above - any right to access?

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  • nukecad
    If this is a leaking soil stack (ie. toilet waste) then surely there's a potential health issue?

    In which case get the Council Environmental Health involved to give the MA a kick in the pants to get it fixed.

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  • Milhouse
    Most leases have a clause allowing anyone (leaseholder or management company) right to access any part of the building for maintenance, especially the management company, in order to carry out it's functions.

    Failure to allow, therefore, is a breach of the lease, and the subsequent damage from not allowing access will be recoverable. I suggest the Man Co instruct a decent company specialised in leasehold litigation to pursue for breach of lease.

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  • Gordon999
    The lease should have a clause giving the right to freeholder or its agent (plumber) to enter the flat after serving 24 hours notice, and carry out emergency repairs.

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  • Flashback1966
    Managing agents are sloppy, they should have contact details for emergency. They should routinely out request for up to date contact information.

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  • jpkeates
    They should check the leases for any right to enter, but it would be unusual.

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  • Jon66
    Check the land registry for names and addresses of the leaseholder. It's £3 each.

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  • DPT57
    the management company probably need a court order to gain access to resolve the situaiton. That may be a lengthy process at the moment, but unless the tenants grant access, I can't see any other option.

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  • Water coming in from flat above - any right to access?

    A block of flats, six floors high. On either the top floor or the one below there is a leak in the stack - the soil pipe. This causes flooding in the flats below.

    The freeholder (block is owned share of freehold) and managing agent have a plan to replace the stack and contractors engaged. They are unable to contact anybody in the top two flats. They are almost certainly buy to let.

    What right, if any, is there to access in the absence of permission?

    Thank you.

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  • Reply to freeholder snuggling to recover arrears
    by Tim_woods
    Illegally? Not sure why this would be illegal but yes I would assume they would add this to his mortgage.

    Unless you have ideas of how to force him to pay without another drawn out court case?...
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  • Reply to Section 20 process
    by Seluoy2
    Thanks for the response.

    Answer 1 clarifies that, seems a bit of a loop hole.

    As for 2, they put a scaffold up, did no temporary repair, just left the roof as was with the water ingress remaining for over 2 weeks, that hardly seems an emergency response.
    04-08-2020, 09:43 AM
  • Reply to Section 20 process
    by AndrewDod
    1. There is no law saying that
    2. It sounds as if that is exactly what they did
    04-08-2020, 09:34 AM
  • Reply to Newbie Freeholder
    by Anna1985
    Hi, yes we know that we need to send the notification re change of freeholder.

    Yes, that's where the caveat lies - ideally we would like non participating leaseholder to sell.

    But one of co freeholders would like to move sooner (thank you, Chancellor)...
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    Hi all,

    just wonder if somebody can advise as to how to approach the situation.

    Property is in the bad condition, due to previous freeholder having no interest in the property.

    One of the leaseholders decided not to do any property upkeep unless there is a threat...
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