Flat Roof used as fire escape and right of way

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    Subject to the lease. The Freeholder is not.a dictator. I don't believe any court would allow taking away a sole fire escape. Think about what is most important. Lease holder has not done anything wrong.
    my final post on this thread.


      Scott22 and i differ in what the rights are. If the top flat has a deed of variation to use the flat roof and it is unlikely they will get planning permission IF they applied for it. I would say that the freeholder could put skylights in the roof as the top flat have never used the roof or am i missing something. The freeholder is king


        I am always ready to reposition myself.
        it is not that they want to develop the roof in any way. Crossing it provides their only fire escape and, naturally want to preserve it.

        If OP sticks it out to court I suspect it will cost quite a few thousand.

        Imagine a fire and someone burnt to death because there was no escape route.

        Nobody should risk that.


          If the freeholder is king, what does that make the leaseholder?


            I am I right in assuming the planning permission was to convert the property into flats. That would be a sensible condition.


              Just re read the thread. I see it was a condition of conversion. O.P never thought about anyone else. This has been a waste of time so definitely not wasting any more time.


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              • Reply to Unauthorised lease variation
                by Macromia
                Unfortunately I still have no idea real understanding of what the problem is, or what it is that you feel that you need to achieve - because you're not explaining this.

                Let's be clear:
                The lease has NOT been varied - so you can forget about that idea.
                15-07-2020, 06:25 AM
              • Unauthorised lease variation
                by Stacker
                Lease requires all leaseholders to pay lessor service charges for insurance so sneaky managing agent tried to get leaseholders to pay broker directly which is an unusual arrangement where its not landlord and tenant and insurance is not paid via service charges to lessor.Could this be classed as an...
                13-07-2020, 23:14 PM
              • Reply to Application to the FTT for determination of breach of covenant?
                by Stacker
                Also if managing agent is refusing to take action report them to their own property redress scheme Ombudsman..
                15-07-2020, 04:07 AM
              • Application to the FTT for determination of breach of covenant?
                by Tw1982
                Hi Guys,

                Wanted to start a separate post with a few legal queries regarding applications to the FTT for a formal determination for a breach of covenant.

                Firstly, is it called the FTT (LVT) or the property chamber? We know its changed names quite a few times, but would like...
                13-07-2020, 18:51 PM
              • Reply to Application to the FTT for determination of breach of covenant?
                by Stacker
                Is the freeholder in a company name? At the FTT a freeholder or its directors and or managing agent would normally bring a claim for determination for breach of lease against a leaseholder. For a leaseholders to bring a claim for breach of covenant you could possibly bring a claim if you are a member...
                15-07-2020, 04:02 AM
              • Reply to RTM bank account recommendation
                by Gordon999
                try opening a non-profit service charge account with HSBC .It must be called "RTM Client account".
                14-07-2020, 21:00 PM
              • RTM bank account recommendation
                by docdavis3
                Hi all. I am a director of a new RTM company and am looking to set up a company bank account to recieve service fees and pay for maintenance services etc. I have applied for a Tide account but am getting the sort of push back that feels like they don't want our business (it may be legitimate requirements...
                14-07-2020, 20:34 PM
              • Reply to Unauthorised lease variation
                by Stacker
                There is a duty of care the insurance broker and managing agent owes this to its client so not undertaking due diligence and doing deals with unregulated managing agents is against the FCA and Company Act 2006..breach of contract negligence and breach of fiduciary duty the managing agent is also the...
                14-07-2020, 20:37 PM
              • Reply to Unauthorised lease variation
                by Stacker
                As we are all aware the lease is a relationship between landlord and tenant. The lease is a contract with obligations and rights on both sides to observe and perform the covenants...so no managing agent or board can go against the lease even if agreed unanimously....to go against the lease is to induce...
                14-07-2020, 20:32 PM
              • Reply to Unauthorised lease variation
                by Macromia
                How does it. breach the lease?
                This is something that you still haven't explained (either here, or when you brought the subject up in an earlier thread)....
                14-07-2020, 19:28 PM