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    Estimated major works

    I have a question in regards to estimated service charges.
    The MA has charged £7500 for upcoming major works, 50% payable by me.
    We haven’t had a section 20 notice yet, and no estimates from builders. This is what the MA is estimating that the building works might cost.
    My lease does allow estimated costs, no sinking fund, but I assumed it was charged after section 20 notice had been done and one estimates from builders had been chosen.
    Just a bit confused as I have only ever been charged after one estimated have been chosen.

    Yep, any major works costing more than £ 250 per leaseholder MUST be started with a Section20 notice, together with a Summary of tenants rights ( Tenants = leaseholders ).

    Stage 1 of a section 20 will be notification of forthcoming expenditure and a very rough cost of what they think it will cost.
    Stage 2 will be quotations from builders, either nominated By the M.A. and if you are lucky, any builders nominated by the leaseholders.

    Tell the M.A. that their estimates and quotes will be invalid, and not payable unless the Section 20 procedure is instigated by them.

    I take it there are only 2 flats. If so, a complete waste of money for a M.A. to maintain 2 flats


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