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    Another thought. I'm sure the leases will include a covenant to keep the dwelling on a good state of repair. All you are doing is fulfilling your lease. Surely that supersedes an unjustifiably rigid and harsh demand.


      Good point - thank you!


        Make a complaint to the SRA ( Solicitors Regulation Authority ) against the landlord's solicitor and ask for that solicitor to withdraw their letter with apologies. It only costs you the postage stamp

        You should read the Sunday papers ( Times or Telegraph ) , they have a columnist who takes up reader's complaints against abusive banks and win back some compensation.


          That might be an excellent idea. Certainly something I will possibly use in the future.


            Originally posted by Hopeful20 View Post
            Many thanks for your responses, everyone.

            This morning, I received a letter from the solicitors of the management company basically asking me to stop the works within 7 days or they might seek an injunction. Is anyone able to recommend solicitors to help me on this? The solicitors I used for the conveyancing are a bit slow at the moment.

            I would write back to the solicitors advising them works to your flat are essential and as the work will be taking place inside your flat social distancing can be observed.

            I would also set out the steps you will take to ensure social distancing to protect other residents and invite them to comment constructively on them

            If they do not agree with you ask them to flesh out their argument so you can consider it further. You will also advise them, if they seek an emergency injunction, that you will ask the court for the them to pay into court a sum of say £15,000 to cover your claim for damages should, when the matter is heard several months later, there are no proper grounds for them making such a regulation.


              Many thanks, all. This thread has been extremely helpful and reassuring. I will keep you updated on how this pans out.


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              • Reply to Dissolve company and regain shares
                by ram
                As above post number 2

                The Limited company owns the building, and the flats. ( R.M.C )
                The leaseholdrs become members of the Ltd company and shares are issued to each flat ( one share per flat )
                They then have a share in the company that owns the freehold ( they are not freeholders,
                22-09-2021, 21:22 PM
              • Dissolve company and regain shares
                by LaraJara21
                Good afternoon

                I am the director of a small a residents management company / limited company and We want to dissolve the limited company so each freeholder can regain their own shares. I would be extremely grateful if someone could advise on if this is possible and if so, how do we that?...
                22-09-2021, 11:35 AM
              • Negotiating a lease extension
                by LizLease
                Hi all, I am new to the forum.
                I am looking to extend the lease on a flat (currently under 70 years).
                I received a quote from the freeholder and a valuation from a surveyor (£3k lower than the freeholder's figure).
                I spoke to the leasehold Advisory Service who said to ask the surveyor...
                21-01-2021, 12:44 PM
              • Reply to Negotiating a lease extension
                by sgclacy
                If you were to challenge the costs afterwards, almost certainly it would be dealt with as a paper review and is not as daunting as it might seem . The Tribunal generally think that around £350 plus VAT for dealing with the Section 42 Notice of claim and circa £1000 plus vat for the deed of surrender...
                22-09-2021, 13:38 PM
              • Renewing the lease and sublet charges
                by mpppen
                I've just about finished the tortuous process of renewing the lease at a flat we own bringing it up to 170 years and no ground rent (yay).

                It is rent out and I do keep getting sublet registration demands from an infamous mgm company on here.

                I've read back through the forums...
                21-09-2021, 18:47 PM
              • Reply to Renewing the lease and sublet charges
                by Gordon999
                I have some faint recollection that a complaint of " in-house legal team" was raised before a LVT or FTT Tribunal and Chairman decided "in-house team" did not qualify as "solicitor", who are required to conduct CDD ( Client Due Diligence ) before taking...
                22-09-2021, 12:28 PM
              • Example "Deed of Variation" for extending the lease term.
                by Lat
                I have tried google but there is very little to show. Does anyone have a redacted example of a "Deed of Variation" that they have had to sign?

                The criteria in my case is...

                1. Shared Freehold flat in block of flats
                2. Freeholder is Residents Company Ltd with...
                04-09-2021, 11:24 AM
              • Reply to Example "Deed of Variation" for extending the lease term.
                by Lat
                What is wrong with the following process to register the "Deed of Varation"

                All that is required of me is to get the "Deed of Variation" registered with the Land Registry and provide a copy of the new lease to the Company Secretary.

                The Process.
                22-09-2021, 12:16 PM
              • Reply to Dissolve company and regain shares
                by Gordon999
                The RMC has legal rights under the lease to administer the service charge account and demand annual service charge contribution from leaseholders. . It should not be dissolved because it holds the freehold title of the building.

                If you transfer the freehold title to the leaseholders,...
                22-09-2021, 12:05 PM
              • Right to Manage Costs
                by Pariah81

                I am part of a residents association that is exploring right to manage (RTM).

                We are a 30 flat block in the Ealing area.

                We want to get advice on the process so how much should we be expecting to pay for our legals?

                I'm also aware we have to pay...
                21-09-2021, 13:48 PM