Coronavirus - Tenant demanding Deep clean of common areas & hand sanitiser installed

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    Coronavirus - Tenant demanding Deep clean of common areas & hand sanitiser installed

    Hi I wonder if anyone can provide any advice?

    My tenant is demanding that l and/or the Freeholders deepclean the common areas of the building and install a hand sanitiser by the communal front door.

    I have a share of the freehold and one of the flats in the converted building is an Airbnb.

    Do l tell the tenant to clean the common areas himself and install his own hand sanitiser as he is so concerned?

    Am l and/or the Freeholders responsible?

    Any advice would be very much appreciated

    You would need to fire risk assess the sanitiser, as 60% alcohol is distinctly inflammable. It is not much safer than an equivalent sized bottle of methylated spirits. A conventional wash basin would be much safer.

    I can't see this being ruled reasonable. I haven't seen alcohol gel dispensers in local shops, and they must be higher risk.

    On the other hand, it does seem another good reason not to have AirBnB, although I imagine there isn't much of a market for legitimate holiday flats at the moment.

    Neither you nor your tenant has any right to install anything in the communal areas, especially a potential source of an accelerant for a fire. Only the person responsible for managing it could do that. Unless there is a legal requirement, it would be unlikely to be a valid service charge item.


      So while the rest of the country is taking care of their own cleanliness at home, this tenant thinks someone else should take care of their home's cleanliness for them? Feel bad for you with this tenant.


        No wonder some cleaning companies are apparently charging £450 for so-called deep virus cleaning services. I am not surprised he's asking for this. #Handwash is trending on twitter and who is fulling this non-rational thinking? How about installing a cheap bottle of alcohol-free hand wash on a holder stand? It should not cost you more than a few pounds. Alternatively, the bottle could be left on top of the communal letter boxes.


          Any bets on how fast a free standing bottle of hand sanitiser in a common area would disappear into someones flat?


            I very much doubt that even a dispenser that was fixed to the wall would last a day.
            At the very least the contents would be 'dispensed' fairly rapidly into another container and would disappear.


              As a managing agent with 72 blocks in the northwest our stance is that by providing deep cleans and sanitiser gels it opens a can of worms. The problem being that if someone contracts the virus between a clean, or even from the sanitiser being ineffective/running out too quickly etc, we're opening ourselves up to litigation. Therefore we're advising people to take reasonable care, as is required in the lease.
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                PLEASE SHARE - ALL LANDLORDS PLEASE TAKE NOTE: I just found out from my Solicitor that we should make sure that we should consider the following: -

                Enhanced cleaning – following guidance in terms of cleaning communal areas and managing waste disposal, as well as more frequent cleaning of those areas which are at high risk of spreading the virus (door handles, taps, lifts, stair rails).

                Assessing the risk – conducting risk assessments, considering factors specific to the property, such as its physical characteristics (would it be possible to isolate areas if necessary), its use and its occupiers.

                Enhanced security – establishing more stringent security (e.g. building entry) procedures for occupiers, employees and visitors and considering ways to reduce social contact.

                In terms of specific health and safety regulations, a landlord has no explicit obligations at law regarding the prevention or containment of coronavirus COVID-19 in its premises. The virus is, however, a biological agent, so the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) may be relevant, as they provide a framework to control the risks from a range of hazardous substances. Whether such obligations towards tenants exist under COSHH largely depends on the level of control a landlord has over the property, which will itself be determined both by the terms of the leases granted and the physical characteristics of the property.

                Landlords and building managers should take positive steps to limit the possibility of transmission and make their tenants feel safer. They should be cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic surfaces like front-door handles and elevator buttons, as well as common rooms and laundry rooms. They should also station hand-sanitiser around the building.

                I have been advised to practice the above and to make sure that l have evidence that l made every attempt so as to minimise the effect of any claim for negligence etc.

                My Solicitor believes that another PPI WINDFALL will occur after these difficult times are over and that errant Landlords who did not take action will face significant claims from tenants, who will claim that their lives had been placed at risk by the Landlord's failure to ensure common areas of buildings are cleaned and kept cleaned on a daily basis where relevant.



                  Your lawyer is expecting people to claim compensation if landlords/freeholds don't introduce cleaning that will be largely unnecessary if people follow recommendations for personal hygiene, etc, themselves and will be largely ineffective if they don't

                  The way I see it, the only people who will benefit from additional cleaning will the cleaning companies, who will profit at the expense of leaseholders.


                    It appears so. The Solicitor said the obligation only exists l have an interest/estate in the Freehold and because one of the LH is still operating an active Airbnb. I suppose the tenant is concerned about infected people entering the building. He may have a point as l would not want Tom, Dick or Harriet coming into my house in these uncertain times. I guess my only option is to put my hand in my pocket (again) and get the cleaners in, unless anyone else has an idea of how l should deal with the problem?


                      You won't be able to clean often enough to make a real difference.



                        Interesting insight by your solicitor..yet, the government is urging people to "stay at home - stay safe - save lives"...Seems to me like Trump is right, saying staying at home maybe making the virus spread faster.


                          Originally posted by TruthLedger View Post
                          Seems to me like Trump is right, saying staying at home maybe making the virus spread faster.
                          How do you even start to justify that idea in your head?


                            Whilst Trump has indeed spouted much garbage I am petty sure even he hasn't come out with something quite so ignorant.


                              Here is the article about Trump

                              Another interesting article

                              In all honesty, it does not matter who says what, as long as they speak/reveal truth. I listen to everyone and look for the truth in it. Trump is as capable of speaking truth, lies and/or hot garbage just like anyone can. The question is, are they telling the truth?

                              Another instance. the UK is in full lockdown, yet coronavirus has been downgraded as no longer "highly infectious". Question, is the UK government/media telling us the truth and nothing but the truth. Or, are they mixing truth with lies to cause panic? Otherwise, why not make the larger public aware of this


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                                How crazy would it be to apply to the tribunal as litigant in person to ask them to determine a breach of lease re property disrepair ( the responsibility is on leaseholders, not freeholder) ?

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                                I think I would be soon, although the application would be made in joint freeholder names
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                                Your windows should be covered by Fensa for 10 years, the window installer is under obligation to get them fixed Once Fensa confirms it is their cost. Oh the miracles that could happen when the installer knows they are responsible for all associated costs good luvk
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                                Is he owed money ? Ask him for detailed proof.

                                Pay him ?
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                                Formally notify him that you believe that he is in breach of the lease and given him a time limit to complete repairs.

                                If he doesn't then his sale can be blocked.
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                                I've recently had Windows replaced and they did the upstairs from inside. If scaffold isn't required it will be a lot cheaper.
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                                I suspect if you took it to Tribunal they would say you are responsible for the frames.
                                It mentions glass separately. And words the doors sort of in parallel.

                                In a way it would be cheaper in the long run for you to take this responsibility. Just make sure it applies to all flats not...
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