Renovations for a flat - does LL need consent of co-freeholder

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    Renovations for a flat - does LL need consent of co-freeholder

    Dear All,

    In the situation where there are just two flats (one up / one down) with a 50/50 shared freehold, is the 'landlord' the ltd company? If so, and one leaseholder (share freeholder and co-director in ltd company) wants to make improvements to their flat (change bathroom etc) which includes plumbing and so on, must this LL ask for permission from the landlord (of which he is 50%)? If so, can the other 50% shared freeholder / landlord veto? If not, is there any point in going through those motions?

    Sorry, but I have a downstairs occupier making complaints because I am changing the bathroom, kitchen and laminate flooring (all within usual working hours). Of course I made no such complaints when the previous owner of downstairs was making the place nice to sell (which downstairs occupier now enjoys). I just want to press on and want to make sure I can without any real fear.

    If there is a limited company, rather than simply tenants in common, you will need to consult the company's articles of association, and the lease. If the lease says you need permission, you need to be able to win a vote, either as director or as member/shareholder.

    However, unless the lease forbids alterations, there is an implied "not to be unreasonably refused", if the change adds value to the reversion.

    Generally, though the situation is messy, as assuming default voting rules, although you might not be able to get permission the company may also not be able to authorise legal action against you.

    Failing to go through the motions will just antagonise the other leaseholder.

    Remember you must declare neighbour disputes when you come to sell, so you must balance the value of your improvement against the impact of a declared dispute.



      Spot on, very well put.


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