Section 20ZA for works carried out without leaseholders consultation

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    Section 20ZA for works carried out without leaseholders consultation

    Good evening,

    Apologies in advance if I have misread forum rules and etiquette.

    I'm here for advice and clarification from a leaseholders point of view.

    I have Scanned over the section 20 and 20za act. I myself. Am acting on behalf of my parent who is a pensioner and who lives in a block of 20 purpose built flats on leasehold.

    My parent has received the actual cost of the 2019 services charges.

    Greatly shocked to find out that the lift was refurbished at the cost of 15,000 pounds. Which was not consulted to the leaseholders before start of works or after completion. Which was left for 6 month's, till now February 2020. To

    Freeholder denies this condition is excluded from section 20 due to emergency works. But I know that the lift was not working for 3 months and the previous lift company had gone into liquidation and the successor had failed to honor the service agreement.

    So freeholder had to source a new company.

    Notification was sent from rental agency company acting on behalf of the freeholder. Stating repairs and upgrading the lift. With no mention of costs etc.

    The cost has been set out as an under payment of 560.00 pounds per leasehold property.

    My question is. Does this define as major works or emergency works?

    And if emergency works. Would the freeholder need to apply for an order to dispense under the section 20 act to the FTT( first tier tribunal)?


    Please see;

    Unless you can show that you have lost out financially it would not be worth pursuing, have you sought any other estimates?


      Thanks fos3 for the speedy response.

      I have not obtained any other estimates for the works that was carried out in August. As I was not aware of the works till this weekend or the actual cost that is incurred. I was led to believe, that section 20 stated that works costing more £250.00 per leasehold would need consultation with leaseholders.

      For the Modernisation of a passanger lift. I can only see that this was partially paid back in June and on completion of works back in August.

      We was only informed that this was a repair and upgrade.

      An appointment has been made with "lease" to speak about this added expense. Which has doubled the cost of the service charges in last year.


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