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    managing agents accounting records

    Should service charge accounts include an audit of the accounting records maintained by the managing agents?

    It depends on the whether the lease requires the service charge account to be audited. If so, it should be carried out in accordance with International Auditing Standards


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    • Spy cameras in communal areas
      by NaomiB
      I was interested in this week's case concerning Ring door bells with cameras and audio. As a result of this, talking to a neighbour, I have learned that one of the tenants has installed a spy camera in the corner of the communal area, outside her flat.

      It has apparently been there a couple...
      15-10-2021, 13:48 PM
    • Reply to Spy cameras in communal areas
      by NaomiB
      I remember seeing my first CCTV camera as I was going up an escalator in Boots. It must have been in the late sixties. It looked like a space craft. I felt slightly uneasy for a few seconds. Since then I can't remember ever noticing them at all. I know that cameras can see me when I am out and,...
      17-10-2021, 06:39 AM
    • Structural change made to a leasehold property
      by goodgirlLondon
      Hey, I wondered if I can get some advice and I have looked at related topics but no specific answer. I am a joint freeholder on the first floor of an Edwardian house with just one other joint freeholder on the ground floor. There was an entrance to a redundant staircase on the kitchen floor in my flat...
      23-08-2021, 13:08 PM
    • Reply to Structural change made to a leasehold property
      by eagle2
      I cannot see how anyone can say how expensive it is going to be and any enforcement at this stage would be against the current joint freeholders. For your own peace of mind, if you are having structural problems, you should obtain expert advice and that should indicate what action if any needs to be...
      17-10-2021, 05:30 AM
    • Reply to Freeholder demanding extortionate fees for notice of remortgage
      by eagle2
      I agree with Gordon999, if 50% of the leaseholders, including yourself, wish to form a RTM Company, it could take over all the management duties of the freeholder including the right to collect the fees. In that case, the RTM Company would decide whether to collect the £35 or increase that sum to a...
      17-10-2021, 04:59 AM
    • Freeholder demanding extortionate fees for notice of remortgage
      by EssexLL

      I know similar issues have been posted before but thought it best to start a new thread with all specifics as every case/lease is different. Forgive the long post; I thought it best to include as much relevant info as possible.

      I recently remortgaged my leasehold flat with...
      16-10-2021, 00:56 AM
    • Reply to Rights of long leaseholders to speak and vote at Company AGM
      by eagle2
      The agenda for an AGM should strictly relate to Company business but it rarely is limited in that way, it usually includes any subject which the members wish to raise.

      Your point regarding the apportionment of costs should be answered within your lease. If the lease allows discretion on...
      17-10-2021, 04:47 AM
    • Rights of long leaseholders to speak and vote at Company AGM
      by Andrew Slater
      I own a flat in a large block of flats all on long leaseholds. It is managed by an established Managing Agent. Currently there is a large complex contract underway to replace combustible cladding in the 6 independent blocks, all situated on a common podium. The AGM takes place in 10 days. from what...
      15-10-2021, 14:48 PM
    • Reply to Section 20 fee
      by eagle2
      Is there any connection between the current managing agent and the freeholder of which you are aware? Have you carried out a search at Companies House? You may ask the freeholder why it chose this particular agent and whether or not it obtained alternative quotes before it appointed the agent. The chances...
      17-10-2021, 04:21 AM
    • Section 20 fee
      by lampshade
      Leaseholders issued with a section 20 notice a few months ago for anticipated works following FRA done a year ago.

      A `fee` of £100 + VAT has been added to each leaseholders share of the total by the Managing agents .

      There is only one Section 20, but when asked, the Managing...
      14-10-2021, 03:49 AM