Legal requirements for communal entrance doors

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    Legal requirements for communal entrance doors

    I am looking for information on the law/regulations for communal entrance doors.
    For context we live in a converted house that contains four separate flats in England.

    Ive read things about communal doors should be able to be opened in one motion but i cant tell if thats recommendations or if its the law.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    The housing act mandates it be of solid construction and can be opened without the need of a coded device or key.
    Is it the final exit door of an escape route?



      The answer is somewhere in here I think.


      Watch out if you have a MA, anything you do could incur endless charges to inspect over and over again.


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      • Reply to Notice fee
        by Section20z
        The question of the fee is invariably asked with the standard LPE1 enquiries and therefore comes as no surprise and there is no justification for subsequently not paying it. The example I gave above referred to an auction purchase where a foolish purchaser failed their due diligence....
        09-04-2020, 17:35 PM
      • Notice fee
        by Paulsen
        I am remortgaging my flat and the solicitor has sent a letter to the freeholder asking for a notice fee. I have done it directly to the freeholder and not the MA as we both are in dispute with the old MA and are doing a joint complaint. She probably wouldn’t know how much to ask for and I asked my...
        04-04-2020, 15:14 PM
      • Reply to Notice fee
        by Lawcruncher
        If you ask the freeholder what his fee is there is no obligation to respond. You do not though want to be asking. Just get on and serve the notice and (a) if the fee is fixed pay the amount specified; (b) if a minimum fee is specified pay the minimum; (c) if a reasonable fee is specified send £10; (d)...
        09-04-2020, 15:35 PM
      • Reply to Notice fee
        by Paulsen
        Can the Freeholder ignore the request of a notice fee? What happens if they don’t respond?
        09-04-2020, 13:53 PM
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        by RHibbert
        I own a leasehold flat which is renedt out on an AST and my freeholder is constantly finding new ways in which to nickle and dime us leaseholders for extra costs. The latest is a 'Subletting Licence' for which an annual rent of £48.00 is charged. The freeholder cites a clause in my lease relating
        06-04-2020, 15:34 PM
      • Reply to Freeholder requesting 'license fee' for AST
        by Paulsen
        Hi my lease is similar, would the fee be payable every time you get a new tenant? Does it have to be requested by the freeholder?
        09-04-2020, 13:45 PM
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        Hello, I would like to remove a non-load-bearing stud wall in my flat. It will change the layout inasmuch as I will be stealing some of the space from my entrance hall and creating a larger living room as a result. So no real increase in value of the property as a result, just a matter of taste....
        08-04-2020, 15:46 PM
      • Reply to Removing Stud Wall in Leasehold Flat
        by Lawcruncher
        • Even though there will be no increase in value of the property following this work, would the Freeholder be entitled to still ask me for money in exchange for permission?

        Since the lease says that you must not make alterations without consent, the consent must not be unreasonably withheld....
        09-04-2020, 10:17 AM
      • Reply to Freeholder requesting 'license fee' for AST
        by jpkeates
        Could be - it would make sense....
        09-04-2020, 09:48 AM
      • Reply to Freeholder requesting 'license fee' for AST
        by MdeB
        I thought there was a judgement that such charges could be increased in line with inflation even if the lease did not provide for it.
        (sorry, no reference, just recalling, maybe imperfectly, replies to a thread in the last couple of years)....
        09-04-2020, 09:22 AM