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    Leasehold remortgage

    I’m in the process of remortgaging my leasehold property. I’m in dispute with the managing agents over historic section 20 notice of intention failures for two sets of major works and for me not paying into a contingency fund, for which there is no provision in my lease. The arrears equal £3k. Apart from that, I have paid all ground rent, service charge and reserve fund. I have actively tried to resolve this with managing agent but they refuse to respond.

    So, do you think I’m just going to have to pay up, regardless of legitimacy of arrears, simply to get them to ‘ok’ my remortgage (Notice of Charge etc)?

    Thanks in advance.

    What's the difference between a reserve fund (which you say you paid) and a contingency fund (which you say is not provided for in lease)?

    Who else paid for stuff - we presume the other lessees in the building are out of pocket somehow?

    What timescale -- was this 10 years ago, 3 years ago or now?

    Why did you not take it to FTT if you thought not appropriate?

    With so few details it is hard to answer.


      A reserve fund is for major works and is provided for in the lease. However, agents are trying to take £1500 for a contingency fund which they say covers risk assessments and surveys although assessments/surveys that have been undertaken have also been demanded under separate headings in service charge. So the agent just keeps this excess money in an account. There is no provision for such a fund in my lease so I am contesting this.

      The other 8 flats in the block are owned by the freeholder so I am at a disadvantage. They also want me to sell but offered me £130k less than it’s market value.

      The various overlapping major works projects have been since 2017. They have awarded contracts to the higher bidder, costing the leaseholders £2.9k more. The latest issue is they sent two section 20s for different works (commonways redecoration and fire precaution works) but issued one statement of estimates for both works. They then realised waited 8 months for preferred decorators to set up a new company to carry out fire works and then waited a further 10 months before instructing them to go ahead with fire works despite my written observations, which they ignored.

      I have tried to resolve this via their in house complaint procedure. But they ignore me.

      I want to remortgage but I know they now have my head over a barrel.

      Any thoughts on what I should do next would be greatly appreciated.


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      • Reply to Front garden to parking
        by nukecad
        Again, what is the OP hoping to achieve?

        It's highly unlikely that it will be dug up and the garden reinstated, or is the OP angling for financial compensation?
        26-09-2020, 03:06 AM
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        I have a long lease on a flat in a Victorian converted building with a demised parking space on the driveway. The Landlord is currently selling the two other flats in the building, which previously were tenanted. To make them more profitable he has concreted over the front garden to create a parking...
        25-09-2020, 15:10 PM
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        I received a section 42 notice for a statutory lease extension for a flat where I own the freehold. There are 87 years remaining on the lease, and ground rent review is every 10 years linked to RPI (next review 2027).
        My appointed managing agent recommended a solicitor with experience on this,...
        25-09-2020, 07:56 AM
      • Reply to Lease extension - should I pursue non statutory?
        by theta
        It's not doubling every 10 years, it's reviewed every 10 years in line with RPI....
        25-09-2020, 20:49 PM
      • Reply to Lease extension - should I pursue non statutory?
        by theta
        Not 23 years, I mentioned 200 years instead of 90, and I could have said 1000 years, that's not really the point.
        The point is that the statutory route prescribes a specific lease extension, leaving only the price up to negotiation.
        I'm considering offering an alternative that could be a...
        25-09-2020, 20:43 PM
      • Reply to Lease extension - should I pursue non statutory?
        by flyingfreehold
        let the stat extn take its course. ten year doubling ground rents are unconscionable, the maths is that they equate to a 7.% annual compound. The traditionaly 33 year doubler is equivalent to an annual compound rate of 2.12% and 25 yearly equals to 2.7% compound rate. I am pretty sure the Government...
        25-09-2020, 20:37 PM
      • Reply to Lease extension - should I pursue non statutory?
        by MrSoffit
        So one of your lessees has instructed and paid a solicitor and presumably a valuer too to exercise a legal right to have a lease etxension +90 years (87+90 = 177 years) with peppercorn ground rent - and you ask here if there is any danger to you cutting through the legal process and offering an informal...
        25-09-2020, 19:48 PM
      • Reply to Front garden to parking
        by scot22
        I would object. Nobody should be allowed to ignore the lease. He has taken away an amenity. Where will water drain that went on the garden.

        I'm sure if you wanted to do something that increased the value of your flat he would want compensation.

        I would politely inform him...
        25-09-2020, 19:00 PM
      • Reply to Front garden to parking
        by nukecad
        You could challenge it but what do you hope to gain by that?

        Have you actually been deprived of anything other than a notional right to common space?

        Your quotation marks do not make it clear what the lease actually says; I'm guessing that you have missed parts out?
        25-09-2020, 18:41 PM
      • Reply to Lease extension - should I pursue non statutory?
        by sgclacy
        My approach would be this

        I would write to the solicitor acting for the lessee offering to extend the lease term and keeping the ground rent the same and if they accept that offer there will be no valuation fee just your legal costs. The deal to be completed before the expiry of the time...
        25-09-2020, 15:11 PM