Solicitors—is this normal?

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    Solicitors—is this normal?

    I have received an itemised invoice for work done by a large firm of solicitors for our management company. Is it usual for solicitors to charge for (a) 'form' replies to email queries (words to the effect of "I will look into this and get back to you")? We have been charged £45 per reply for several such replies. (The actual advice we wanted was supplied at a later date and billed separately).

    Also is it usual for solicitors to charge for providing fee estimates? (£65 per time in our case.)

    Any advice will be gratefully received.

    Depends what the questions w ere.
    I assume you were asking NORMAL questions of the Managing agent, - such as, can i have a copy of the buildings insurance policy, or why was I charged so and so in my service charges, please tell me what the £ xxx were for, then no, solicitiors don;t answer such questions, the agent does.

    So what were the questions ?


      Yes to the first and no to the second. That's ludicrous and means you should first ask for an estimate for the cost of providing an estimate.


        Sorry, you have lost me.
        What were the ( general ) questions you asked, as they "could" have been other than normal service charge requests.


          Thanks all for your responses. Sorry—I should have been more clear.

          The managing agent was not involved. The questions were sent by our management company (RMC) directors to solicitors we had employed on behalf of the company.

          The questions were basically asking about the correct procedures to follow for an FTT application we were making. We were applying for lease variations and had identified four different 'rationales' that we could use, and wanted advice on which of these was most likely to be considered fair and reasonable by the FTT.

          However, the solicitor did not answer any of the questions in writing and we eventually arranged a face-to-face meeting to go over them, for which we were billed separately (we were billed for meeting preparation and for the actual meeting itself).

          So basically the solicitor looked at the emails, dashed off a quick "I'll get back to you on that" (and never did), and billed us £45 each time.


            I've seen a report today of a GP surgery that wanted £50 before they would write a "Personalised" letter.
            The requester paid and got a letter that said -

            "The patients medical conditions are - {list of conditions} we are sorry but we are unable to give an opinion on how these conditons might affect their daily life."

            A simple list of your medical conditions is available free under the data protection act.

            As you can imagine the requester is not happy.


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                Thanks will try that Lawcruncher.


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