Chancery St James or Chime Properties - Extending Lease

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    Chancery St James or Chime Properties - Extending Lease

    Hello, I'm trying to contact Chancery St James to explore exending my lease. However, it seems that Chancery St James are no longer an active company and listening to their voice message, it suggests that a company called Homes Brand Online are now managing the lease. Investigating Homes Brand Online doesn't bring up much, they don't have a website or can't find any contact details.

    I believe my lease is with a company called Chimes Property Limited, even this organistion don't appear to have much contact numbers.

    Does anybody have any idea of contact details for either Homes Brand Online or Chimes Property Limited?

    Many Thanks


    Caution, This thread is close to the edge in terms of its potential for naming and shaming, which isn't allowed.

    According to, neither of those companies exist.


      If what you mean is Chimes Property Limited is your freeholder/lessor or head lessor they ought to be named and addressed on all invoicing under s47/48. An address in England and Wales. If the other lot are/were managing agents you'd go over their heads about extending your lease anyway.

      If Chimes don't ring out, pay £3 on the land registry for the freehold title extract and see who your freeholder is there. Maybe you got the name wrong?
      Do not read my offerings, based purely on my research or experience as a lessee, as legal advice. If you need legal advice please see a solicitor.


        The name, registered office address, and company number also need to be on the invoice, if the demand is from a company, under company law. The company number will give you the correct current name, and the registered office address must accept all official communications.


          Is this the company you wish to contact ?


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            Lawcruncher is someone who knows better. Ignore my post.
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