Leak issue from our flat, access to flat below

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    Leak issue from our flat, access to flat below

    We own a second floor flat which is let out.
    There has been a leak issue since early 2019 which was reported by the flat below.

    Our issue is the owner of the flat below does not live there, and only goes back once a fortnight or once a month.
    We have tried many times to fix the leak from our property. Initially the shower was suspected, then the bath. Eventually we had to get the block insurance engineers in. It looks like it may be a building plumbing issue.

    Currently the en suite in our flat has been out of use since December 23rd due the the engineers works. The owner downstairs cannot check for leaks until 18th January. This is nearly a full month since our last attempted fix.
    Even if there is no leak, we'll then put the ensuite back together and in use and it'll still be another 2 weeks or a month before we find out if there is anymore sign of a leak.

    Any advice? The feeling of helplessness over this is driving me nuts. Is there no requirement or anything in the leaseholder agreement about providing access to resolve leak situations for the property that is being 'leaked' into?


    Why can't you check for leaks in your own flat, rather than wait until they've damaged a neighbour's property. (A common one is bath overflow disconnected.)

    All you have to do is take the bath panel off, fill the bath, and then pull the plug. Also spray the shower walls with the shower.
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      As Jk0 says,can you not remove bath panel and check for leaks from waste pipes. traps etc?
      Then, run shower and observe if any water leaks, but to be honest, if there are leaks you will smell/see them before needing to do this....

      Good luck


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