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    ok, taking this a step further, we are nearing a potential solution, one thing I think that we need to look at is the fees we charge to new purchasers of leaseholds when a property is transferred. At present it is £50 each for 'Notice of Assignment' and 'Notice of mortgage' . I am aware that these are way out of date.

    what are the factors that determine a realistic charge for this, and what are other freehold companies charging.

    and thanks in advance.


      You are likely to be told that it is more like £40 +VAT, but that doesn't account of inflation. I'd say your £50 was in the right ball park if you are actually incurring costs. If you are not incurring costs, and the lease allows the charge, but does not say how to calculate it, you can probably only charge actual cost, which is likely to be much less. If it doesn't provide for a charge but requires the registration, I don't think you can charge anything.

      Back in 2011, our solicitors said they would charge £50+VAT, but you are not using a solicitor.


        thats just the point. i have now I think lined up a professional to handle the (increasingly burdensome ) conveyancing duties for us. As they will charge us per hour pro rata, it is going to cost a damn sight more than £50+VAT


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