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    With some works likely to require an S20 a managing agents cost will escalate.
    the majority of MAd I believe have a basic charge of 1500. I would be amazed if you could even find one willing to take it on.


      Thanks 64 that's a valuable link with all the details.


        Yes that's an interesting link and case @leaseholder64 -- however it doesn't help a lessee much at all.
        At best it might be some form of protection against trespass.

        It would be a brave lessee who went ahead and did £10K of repairs on the roof without S20, Health and Safety aspects, invoiced the FH and kind of expected, based on that rather wonderful "procedure" that he was going to get his money back. He might even have to pay the cost of having his work un-done.

        Unless we are literally talking about a £50 quick fix which OP plans to deduct from his ground rent, this approach would seem to me to be pointless (unless of course the lessee is prepared to cover the full cost and banks on not getting sued).

        If substantial disrepair and ongoing neglect are involved I cannot see any conceivable reason for going this uncertain route.

        I think the problem too with Lease making some sort of procedure out of one case, is that there are lots of other cases all going in different directions. All very well them suggesting that 3 quotes will somehow help the lessee when there is no real means of recovery unless it goes to FTT (in which case one might as well go to FTT for a manager appointment anyway unless it is a one-off).


          Struggling with my reading trying to find where it says the procedure is based on one case. OP has as much chance of getting money as most MAs. The FTT is not the only route, County Court more likely. Also if it's a big job employ a project manager. MA would, and OP would still have to pay.


            The county court will bounce anything to do with a determination as to whether anything at all is payable under the lease straight to FTT - so no. They will only deal in this type of thing with payment if a FTT agreed claim.

            Maybe some time spent bringing FTT claims before formulating easy solutions would be useful. It is not as easy as invoicing FH then taking them to county court which has no remit to examine the lease to determine if the thing is in any way payable.


              Never said anything easy. Just some ideas. Over and out.


                Hi all,

                and happy new year. There is a disrepair protocol from the Government - that was maybe what LEASE spoke to Scot22 about.

                I guess following the protocol is the prerequisite for the leaseholder to have a chance to get some money back if they crack on on their own.

                Kind regards.


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                • Reply to Service charges according to floorspace vs lease stipulation
                  by sgclacy
                  So the new lessee who wishes to challenge the proportion would have seen BEFORE he purchased the flat what percentage he was to pay - the unfairness of the bargain was patently clear BEFORE he purchased and may we’ll have been reflected in the price paid for the flat. So notwithstanding all of that...
                  28-01-2022, 22:45 PM
                • Water Leaks Again and Again and Again...
                  by bigalxyz
                  Director of RMC - 11 flats in London
                  There seems to be a long standing problem with the plumbing in the bathroom of one of the flats. 4 water leaks in the last 18 months, causing damage to the flat below.

                  Is there anything the RMC can do to compel the leaseholder of the problem flat...
                  28-01-2022, 16:05 PM
                • Reply to Water Leaks Again and Again and Again...
                  by bigalxyz
                  There's no single cause - there have been multiple leaks - each time a different cause. Blocked bath overflow, leaking washing machine hose, leaking toilet cistern inlet, failed balloon valve in toilet, shower screen not fitted properly...all kinds of things. Just general neglect. Owner's never there,...
                  28-01-2022, 22:32 PM
                • Reply to Water Leaks Again and Again and Again...
                  by bigalxyz
                  Thank you.

                  I plan to leaf through the lease at the weekend - there may well be clauses along the lines that you suggest (it does ring a bell). Also I do know that there's a clause along the lines of "leaseholders mustn't do anything to mess up the insurance of the building, and are...
                  28-01-2022, 22:30 PM
                • Reply to Water Leaks Again and Again and Again...
                  by Macromia
                  What it says in the lease is mostly what you have to rely on. I would be looking for any clauses that the flat needs to be kept in a good state of repair, and in particular anything that mentions keeping the pipes that serve the flat in a good state of repair and replaced when necessary and anything...
                  28-01-2022, 20:53 PM
                • Reply to Licenced Garage
                  by Pariah81
                  We have around 5 individual garages and another garage with 3 parking spaces (I refer to that as the communal garage). Each parking space in the communal garage is allocated to a specific flat.

                  Whilst the document tries to convey it is assigned on licence, from the case law I have read,...
                  28-01-2022, 20:41 PM
                • Reply to Service charges according to floorspace vs lease stipulation
                  by Macromia
                  If three out of four leaseholders, where all four share the freehold, stand together in opposition against the fourth, that is by definition the three 'ganging up' against the fourth. The fact that the same system may have been in use previously, and may even have been willingly accepted by previous...
                  28-01-2022, 20:39 PM
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                  A property recently came back onto the market for the reason being that the previous buyer was unable to lend money from his bank due to the lease only having 87 years remaining, the estate agent therefore said that going forward only cash-buyers would be considered. Out of those cash buyers i was selected....
                  28-01-2022, 20:38 PM
                • Reply to Water Leaks Again and Again and Again...
                  by Gordon999
                  You need to inspect the bathroom and determine the cause of water ingress to flat below . If there is a shower head , the water spray may fall into the gap between the bath and wall. If there is no shower spray, the pipes under the bath may be loose .??

                  If the bath user forgets...
                  28-01-2022, 20:22 PM
                • Who owns loft space when it is not stated in lease.
                  by vagabond
                  Hi, I own a top floor maisonette and share the freehold 50/50 with the ground floor maisonette. I would like to build a loft conversion and after checking my lease I'm unsure who the loft space belongs to. All I can see in my lease is "the right for the lessor/owner/occupier of lower maisonette...
                  21-01-2022, 14:45 PM