Using Quantity Surveyor for Redecoration Project

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    Using Quantity Surveyor for Redecoration Project

    Involved in managing a leasehold property in London - big Victorian house split into flats.

    Needs some exterior decoration doing. Mostly painting, but a few gutter repairs and possibly some repointing and plaster repair. Nothing structural though.

    Not having any particular experience in managing a piece of work like this, our initial thought was to find a surveyor to oversee the work, spec it out, estimate costs, etc. - however I'm concerned about the likely expense of this (possibly as much as 50% on top of the cost of paying the contractors to do the actual work).

    For a job like this, is using a surveyor a bit OTT? If we employ a good, professional building firm, perhaps an additional layer of management on top of that isn't really necessary for what will mostly be fairly straightforward.

    Does anyone have any thoughts?

    Thank you.

    You want a project managing surveyor rather than a quantity surveyor. Unless the job is very small, you shouldn't be paying more than about 15% for that, including the health and safety role that you would otherwise have to take on as a non-domestic client.


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