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    RTM - Changing Managing agent


    We are an RTM with in excess of 200 flats.

    Some of our members are unhappy with the current managing agent and wish us to explore other options.

    If the board decide to go down this route and re-tender, should we employ someone to manage this process or do it ourselves.

    Just wondering if there;'s a best practice

    When our managing agent retired we did it ourselves. However, we didn't have 200 flats.
    I think of you work carefully and steadily it should be O.K . I suggest going on the ARMA site and invite three members to tender. That amount of work should be highly sought after. A thought, make sure Company solicitor checks contract.



      We don't have a company solicitor, as it's in the contract with the managing agent to provide legal advice for the RTM.

      So, that's our first additional cost.

      I presume we could use the RTM funds to finance the costs.


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