Banned from contacting RTM directors

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    Banned from contacting RTM directors

    For the last ten years I have had serious problems with the directors who manage the property I own (6 flats in total and I also own a share of the freehold)

    since I forced to directors to allow me sight of service charge documentation and carry out s20 consultation I have suffered the most dreadful harassment . I will list everything at a later date but what I describe now is the latest bad behaviour by the directors.

    At my latest inspection of of service charge accounts I was given blank invoices totally £600 for gardening, no name and no name and no address. I said these were unacceptable and
    and I was sent amended invoices with a name and address on

    i then contacted the person (Who is listed on company house and is a car dealership. He told me he has never done any gardening work. I contacted the directors for an explanation and they told me they are now blocking my emails and I can only contact them by post.

    there were further gardening emails for large amounts and when I tried to contact him I was told by his mother he is in prison for armed robbery

    they also gave me 3 year old insurance policy details and when I demanded up to date details the directors had made serious false declarations to the insurance company

    there are more very serious events which led up to me having a major stroke which I will list later

    any help would be appreciated

    I am going to start with the obvious, but most important. Take care of yourself. None of this is more important than your health.
    As a non qualified person, my first port of call would be Companies House and ask for their advice. At first sight it appears at least mismanagement at worst criminal.
    A little further thought perhaps ask a solicitor who offers free initial advice. A well worded letter might be effective.
    Lastly, easier said than done, try to distance yourself to minimise the stress.
    I'm sure everyone on the forum wishes you an improvement in your health.


      Looks like fraud to me. Apart from the advice above (and bearing in mind a solicitor wants a job out of it) other suggestions would be the police (no idea if they'd pursue it but I can guess) or HMRC as they have undeclared income. Companies House would be a good place to start and hopefully can point you in the right direction. Let us know how you get on. Are there other flat owners who might get involved?


        Quite right royw. The more support you can get the better, shares everything.


          Looks life fraud. Suggest bring an FTT case over issues of service charges, suggesting that accounts and invoices have been falsified. be prepared to get witness statements and evidence in respect of the things you allege. Also state that insurance is non payable since the policy is invalid. make sure your service charges are paid up to date before you bring the claim.

          You can easily do this yourself.


            Cheryl has a serious health issue. This affects everyone and she should not have to deal with it on her own.


              Hello, firstly are you a shareholder and are there any other shareholders who are not directors? Maybe start there, have a discussion with them, explore what they know?

              The directors can request no email contact however you can and every right to write to them at the registered office address. So can you find out what this is? Its normally on the Company House website, write to them at the registered office address and record by Post Office all copies of letters sent.

              Request as a shareholder to have sight of all original correspondence including invoices, accounts signed by accountant and bank details. They need to be seen to be treating you fairly as both a shareholder and leaseholder. RICS mandatory code requires them to communicate and not to discriminate.


                Directors also have to provide an address for service to Companies House, i.e. an address to which you can send court summons, etc, and assume they have been received.


                  As others indicated the most important thing is your health. Unfortunately, the leasehold/freehold situation can sometimes be exceptionally stressful in ways people cannot imagine. It's not always freeholders' either which tends to be the populist view.

                  Your situation will be slightly more complicated because you are a member of the company that owns the freehold. Are you a member of the RTM company? I think not from your post.

                  I doubt the police can help you but you could contact HMRC though perhaps first the best course would be to contact LEASE and ask for advice. It may be you will need to make an application for a determination of service charges. I would word your application carefully and not make wild accusations even if you believe them to be true. You will be sent directions and will be able to include your statement and evidence as part of this process. I take it you still have the blank invoice and out-of-date policy.

                  With regards to insurance if you request a copy of the documentation they are legally obliged to provide it. They can, I believe, charge an administration fee for this.

                  You indicated there is much more to this so there may be recourse to the police.

                  Finally, could you/do you want to move?


                    Sorry, I just realized you own 6 flats. Do you live in the building?


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