Consent for alterations unreasonably withheld

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    Thank you very much for your advice Lawcruncher. I feel confident enough to go it alone so will enquire on the link you attached for advice on starting proceedings


      @LL142 When you say you applied to the "managing directors"—do you mean the managing directors of the freehold company, or the managing directors of your residents' management company?


        I applied to the managing directors of the freehold, via the management company.


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        • Appointing a manager - Manager Recommendations Sought
          by Stan_18
          Hi all, any help appreciated.

          I am considering applying to the FTT to have a manger appointed due to ongoing failure of my freeholder to uphold covenants of the lease (currently the gutters are blocked and causing damage to my property, no reply from freeholder).

          15-12-2019, 21:43 PM
        • Reply to Appointing a manager - Manager Recommendations Sought
          by Gordon999
          Consult a local letting agent in your town to find a local person to manage your little block. Or do it yourself .

          If the problem is a blocked gutter it must be the down pipe that need clearing ( window cleaner may be the person with a ladder ) or replace the plastic pipe.
          15-12-2019, 23:53 PM
        • 18-month rule and invalid demands
          by MartynSE5
          I would appreciate opinions on this situation, please:

          - Demands for service charge and ground rent for 2018 were sent in December 2017
          - Delays in auditing accounts for 2018 caused the landlord's agent to send 20b notices in June 2019, predicting a £30k shortfall
          14-12-2019, 05:54 AM
        • Reply to 18-month rule and invalid demands
          by MartynSE5
          Thank you for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it.
          15-12-2019, 18:06 PM
        • Reply to Problem with Service Charge Demands
          by bigalxyz
          Thank you.

          Now...I've just discovered something which might muddy the waters. The guy who was previously:
          (a) director of the RMC
          (b) owner of the proprerty management company appointed by the RMC
          (c) the freeholder

 would appear is not really...
          15-12-2019, 13:20 PM
        • Problem with Service Charge Demands
          by bigalxyz
          Recently appointed director of RMC, self-managing for the first time. Having a problem recovering 2019H2 service charge (the 2019H2 demand was issued by the previous external property manager) from one leaseholder, who believes that the demand was not issued in accordance with the law but is refusing...
          14-12-2019, 14:13 PM
        • Reply to Problem with Service Charge Demands
          by leaseholder64
          The only part of L&T 87 referring to invoices is the section 47, already referenced above.

          Can you confirm that you gave the full name and residential or registered office address of the landlord.

          Although not L&T 87, did you give the registered office address, and...
          15-12-2019, 12:32 PM
        • Reply to Problem with Service Charge Demands
          by bigalxyz
          I reissued the invoice yesterday - I included the freeholder's name and address, included the "summary of rights and obligations" documents, I sent everything by email but also printed out and posted, and I removed the ground rent part (ref: discussions about combined demands).

          15-12-2019, 09:21 AM
        • Reply to 18-month rule and invalid demands
          by Macromia
          It is still not possible to answer your question - and it may not be possible to provide an answer until you have actually received a demand for the final sum.

          It sounds like your service charges are accounted for using calendar years, so the year in question runs from 1-Jan-2108 to 31-Dec-2018...
          15-12-2019, 07:54 AM
        • Reply to Opinion on advice to landlord from its agent
          by MartynSE5
          I was deliberately vague about the particular covenant because I'm interested in opinions about biased advice from agents, rather than the merits of enforcing any particular covenant (which doesn't involve fire safety).

          My concern is that we were led to believe there was an urgent need...
          14-12-2019, 22:31 PM