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    Freeholder permission and checks

    We have recently purchased a maisonette leasehold and the entire freehold of the building (one other flat on the ground floor). In regards to freehold permission for a conservatory extension, are there any resources online that advise what checks should be completed/information required prior to permission being granted?

    Lease: Does it allow it? Is the land demised rather than just licensed? If not demised, you can charge a premium.

    Lease: Repairing responsibilities?

    Lease: Update lease plans.

    Planning Permission: As this is not a single family house, full planning consent will be needed.

    Building control: this is likely to involve replacing a wall with a lintel. Also, the glazing needs to be either done by someone in a competent persons scheme. Electrics (possibly within permitted changes, but you should insist on at least a competent persons scheme certification).

    Surveyor: If in doubt bring in a surveyor to check/supervise at their expense.

    Working hours/noise abatement.


      Thank you for your response. In terms of if the lease allows it with freeholder permission - has anyone got any links to helpful websites or guidelines as to what to request for approval - i.e. planning permission, surveyors, etc and documents required? We are first time freeholders and it would be useful to have some kind of idea of what we should be requesting in terms of documentation


        Given that this is not your area of expertise, why not talk to a surveyor to manage the discussions/project for you at the leaseholder's cost.


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        • Reply to Info Licence to assign
          by sfriziona
          Thank you again, I'll question my solicitor and see what he has to says.
          This means that he hasn't even read the lease......
          21-11-2019, 13:21 PM
        • Info Licence to assign
          by sfriziona

          I am selling my flat in London , we are looking to exchange by the end of the week but the buyer solicitor asked for a Licence to assign the lease.
          The freeholder doesn't have a solicitor and he asked me to produce one for his review and he will sign it, but I cannot find any...
          20-11-2019, 06:47 AM
        • Reply to Man Co adding Percentage to Major Works
          by leaseholder64
          The project management is more than a few phone calls. It should involve:

          - writing a detailed specification;
          - reviewing the responses;
          - vetting contractors, for competence, safety and financial stability;
          - managing health and safety;
          - running the section 20...
          21-11-2019, 12:35 PM
        • Man Co adding Percentage to Major Works
          by Magnus
          The Management Company has issued a S20 with costs for the Major Works. However they have added 7.5% Management Fee.

          The Lease states - Service Costs: the sums spent by the Management Company of and incidental to the observance and performance of the covenants on the part of the Management...
          21-11-2019, 08:04 AM
        • Reply to Man Co adding Percentage to Major Works
          by leaseholder64
          Generally, if you have a management company separate from the freeholder, it is a not-for-profit, owned by the leaseholders. Such companies are normally set up to allow the freeholder to get the income and gains from their investment, without the messy, and risky business, of having to maintain and...
          21-11-2019, 12:11 PM
        • Reply to Man Co adding Percentage to Major Works
          by Magnus
          Definitely a Management Company.

          Just with the "sums spent" seems to rule out a percentage base. No problem paying if they have made a few phone calls and met with Surveyors and Contractors. But 7.5% equals about 20k. And there is no way they have conducted 20ks worth of extra...
          21-11-2019, 11:18 AM
        • Reply to Collective enfranchisement - additional cost of airspace lease
          by Lorimer
          Any idea where you saw this? I have been asking both valuers and solicitors this question and they have differing views - some of them say that the value of the ground rent reserved in the airspace lease WILL be factored into the premium that we pay for the freehold - others saying that it is only if...
          21-11-2019, 11:13 AM
        • Collective enfranchisement - additional cost of airspace lease
          by Lorimer
          Wondering if anyone can advise on whether and how much a 999 year lease of airspace with a ground rent of £1,500 per annum, rising by £100.00 per annum every 15 years will impact on the premium we are likely to pay to buy the freehold of our building?

          The background:
          We have been...
          16-11-2019, 07:49 AM
        • Reply to Info Licence to assign
          by Lawcruncher
          I have read the lease and there is no requirement to obtain the landlord's consent - except during the last seven years of the term which have not yet arrived.
          21-11-2019, 10:58 AM
        • Is management company Responsible for window repair?
          by Tugbeer
          I own a flat where damaged rendering has resulted in serious rot to a window and sill. This is something that must have been deteriorating over many years but I first became aware when i opened the window and the bottom part of the frame came away in my hand. As a temporary measure I've fixed it down...
          21-11-2019, 09:44 AM