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    Originally posted by Macromia View Post
    Removing the 'difficult' director is really the only option here, appointing a managing agent won't address the situation and will only increase costs.
    Good managing agents will do what the directors tell them, so the decisions will still be being made by the directors (including the difficult one). Employing a managing agent who does what they want, rather than what the directors want, is likely to put you in a worse position than you are in now.
    To remove a director, does the Company simply hold an extraordinary meeting, vote and thats it?
    Or, does a valid reason have to exist to remove him?

    I'm with you on your comments Re agents, we are just trying to distance ourselves from an angry obnoxious bigot.


      The EGM has to be called with at least 28 clear days notice and the intention to remove the director must be included on the calling notice. The director is allowed to circulate a statement as to why he should not be removed. Only a simple majority is needed.


        Originally posted by leaseholder64 View Post
        The EGM has to be called with at least 28 clear days notice and the intention to remove the director must be included on the calling notice. The director is allowed to circulate a statement as to why he should not be removed. Only a simple majority is needed.
        Thankyou, very helpful


          Originally posted by scot22 View Post
          Why not remove him as a director ? Then he will not be able to vote on decisions. Still be a pain but will he ever change whatever. A management company should not act independently of directors.
          Why even suggest this option of removing him as a director when surely he is out voted in the decision making process.

          Will it not antagonise him more being cast aside when really there is no need for this option.

          I haven't seen that he is continually calling meetings.


            It is very difficult to have a constructive meeting if there is an unpleasant and negative element present. This will be especially noticeable with a very small number of directors. Stress levels will rocket.
            Not sure that he would be any worse than now. Decisions could be made more easily.


              Small numbers of directors should be normal.

              Do the remaining directors start from different viewpoints and challenge assumptions, as it is very easy to go completely astray if you have lots of yes men.


                The remaining 3 directors are very much "joined up".
                Unfortunately whilst he is a director he can add trivial juvenile points to the Agenda, one example being that he wants to maintain a 2 tone colour scheme of "adjoining items" to the property. We already have an informal agreement between us that existed before his arrival that covers a common colour to all window frames, doors and rainwater goods. He now wants this extended - wont know to what exactly until the AGM but it really is a nonsense, i believe it would be reference to some screening around an oil tank and some wooden planters which are within my demise and painted grey. We have to give up an evening of our lives to indulge this man and discuss this trivial drivel!. I believe he is pursuing a personal vendetta against me and my family as he believes we are the ones that reported him to the planning authority (we weren't). The other agenda points are in a similar vein and involve such critical discussions as the use of a communal hose pipe and the affixing of trellis to the external walls......!!!!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!


                  My company, based in Manchester, would quote between £900-£1300 per year depending on the size, scope of regular maintenance, inspection and Director meeting frequency. It's difficult to apply a per unit price when there aren't many, we need to make sure we can afford to actually manage the site, so'd quote a minimum fee level in cases like this.

                  Hope that's slightly helpful.
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                  • Reply to Wrong original lease reigstered with Freeholders/HM Land Registry?
                    by Gordon999
                    The Land Registry keeps the record of ( 1) property title and ( 2) the site plan for your leasehold flat.

                    I suggest you check if the garden area is shown on the site plan for any of the ground floor flats? You can buy the site plan and download from LR Online for £3 by credit card.
                    20-11-2019, 03:42 AM
                  • Wrong original lease reigstered with Freeholders/HM Land Registry?
                    by sarahbrowne
                    Hi, long time lurker here, hoping someone might be able to advise.

                    We recently purchased the leasehold and shared freehold of a ground floor mansion block flat. There are gardens all long the back of the Mansion block, which only the gournd floor flats have acces to. Most have fences all...
                    19-11-2019, 14:24 PM
                  • Reply to RMC - Dormant Status with HMRC - Banking
                    by Gordon999
                    If the RMC company is kept non-profit making and staying dormant, the RMC does not need a "business account with debit card".

                    The RMC just needs a current account with cheque book for the service charge money ( designated a client account.) to ring-fence the money as belonging...
                    20-11-2019, 03:32 AM
                  • RMC - Dormant Status with HMRC - Banking
                    by bigalxyz
                    I'm one of the directors of an RMC looking after a leasehold building (having recently taken over from an external property manager).

                    The company is dormant at HMRC. It has a business account, unused. All of our funds (service charge monies) are in a separate client account.

                    19-11-2019, 14:44 PM
                  • Reply to Service charge budget for 2020
                    by Gordon999
                    The budget proposal is a rough estimate of maintenance spending for the year and is used to calculated what each flat should be charged for their annual service charge levy.

                    The audited accounts which are produce about 6 months after the year end will show you what was actually spent
                    20-11-2019, 02:24 AM
                  • Service charge budget for 2020
                    by stum
                    I have received a budget for the servcie charges for 2020. This is sent as a budget proposal, but at same time suggests that charges will start in January 2020, making it not a proposal but a matter of fact, as far as the service agent is concerned.
                    I am querying one of the proposed...
                    19-11-2019, 20:53 PM
                  • Reply to Service Charge Percentage Wrong
                    by leaseholder64
                    I've re-read the lease extract, and it still seems to me that most of the items under block costs relate to internal common area items.

                    What I suspect has happened is that 4 of the leases have different wordings, that fail to cover those items, and those don't get the internal items list,...
                    20-11-2019, 00:42 AM
                  • Service Charge Percentage Wrong
                    by gidoc
                    Dear all,
                    I hope this forum can guide me to the next step. I have a leasehold apartment, which I purchased in July 2007. I have never been able to go through the whole lease esp the page no1, which clearly defines the service charges as 1%. I am however been charged 2%( extra 1% for communal areas,...
                    17-11-2019, 21:47 PM
                  • Reply to Service Charge Percentage Wrong
                    by leaseholder64
                    Looks like there are 101 properties on the estate, 96 of them contribute to your apartment charge and 92 to your internal charge.

                    What are the actual numbers in each category?

                    The actual percentages differ from the lease, but are more accurate for an equal split 101/96/92 ways....
                    20-11-2019, 00:25 AM
                  • Reply to Service Charge Percentage Wrong
                    by gidoc
                    Here is a breakdown of service charges:
                    the internal area cost- is not being paid by equivalent apartments(very few)- which do not have internal areas.
                    19-11-2019, 23:03 PM