Ambiguous clause in the Lease Agreement.

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    Ambiguous clause in the Lease Agreement.

    Hi all,

    After going through my lease agreement, I've stumbled upon a clause that I can't figure out. Screenshot of the clause attached.

    Am I right to think that per lease agreement it is the tenant's responsibility to repair any internal/external window timber including decayed timber resin repairs, splice, sub-sill base of frame, sash cords, sash bottom rails, sash weights, parting & staff beads. Who is responsible for the glazing?

    What does it mean "external redecoration only being the Landlords responsibility". Does it mean that the Landlord is responsible to collect the money from the flat owners and use it towards painting/repainting windows externally?

    I would highly appreciate if someone could explain. Thanks!

    The landlord is responsible for painting the outsides. The clause says nothing about how he gets the money to do that. You are responsible for everything else.

    Even if, as likely, it allows the landlord's painting costs to be covered, it will be worded in terms of your responsibility to pay, not any responsibility on the landlord to collect.


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      Thank you all for your replies....
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      There should have been 2 originals, and you all sign the two.
      One for the landlord and one for the tenant..
      Thats the way it should have been done.
      22-10-2019, 07:34 AM
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      A licence is a consent to do something and you give the original to the person who needs the consent.
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