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    Case law damp

    I know I've posted many times on this subject, apologies.
    The issue is tanking first floor flat where none has existed. External wall has been carefully maintained. I have searched but not able to find any cases.
    Also could freeholder be liable for any internal work such as plaster.
    I recognise shouldn't repost but, New members new thoughts ?

    Damp surveys in London and the South East

    16th November 2016

    It is that time of the year again when we are inundated with requests for damp surveys in London. It's all to do with temperature and moisture content of the air. All of a sudden, the heating goes on. As the air warms up, so does its ability to hold moisture - and the total moisture loading goes from around 7 grams per cubic metre for a normal dry house, to around 11 or 12 grams. As this warm, moist air hits cold walls, it condenses - not just ON the walls, but as it diffuses through them - and that makes your nice London stock bricks get damp. Damp brickwork allows heat to pass through it much more quickly - so you spend more money heating the place. As moisture levels rise in the brickwork through continued condensation, that same moisture will blow plaster off the walls, and start to produce salts - all the symptoms that the Property Care Association damp companies like Kenwood, Rentokil, Peter Cox, Dampco and others - call 'rising damp'. This salting of the walls also makes 'damp, or resistance' meters go off the scale. By the time salts have formed the wall has probably dried out partly anyway - and it certainly isnt rising.
    So what is the solution?
    Our London damp surveys generally focus on monitoring the internal conditions. We look at temperature and humidity. Once we have a feel for that, we look at ventilation - how well is the place actually vented? Is the kitchen able to vent to an outside wall? What about bathrooms? What about bedrooms too? Nobody in London wants to open a window at night, and potentially allow someone to climb in - nor do they want traffic fumes, and cold air. So the window stays shut, and moisture builds up. All of these rooms need to be ventilated properly. We help by assessing all of these variables and helping to introduce solutions which don't involve damp proofing by the PCA.
    Our resident 'Damp surveyor' - Scott Enders, is a highly qualified and experienced building professional who will assess your building in the same way we would conduct a full building survey. He uses all the same equipment - thermal imaging, carbide meter, thermo hygrometer, and more - to find out exactly what is causing your problem. He will never use a 'damp wally meter', or protimeter - whether its in probe mode, conductance mode, or any other mode!
    We are seeing a big rise in the number of companies masquerading as professional 'damp' experts, especially in the south east - their biggest and most concentrated market. Names such as 'damp survey london', heritage damp, heritage damp surveyors, heritage timber and damp, heritage lime and damp, independent damp surveys, city damp surveyors, damp aid, property care consultants - all of these names trade on the fear of 'damp' and talk about 'remedial works' and 'honest independent surveys... Most are anything but. Before you allow any of these people near your home, ask them for example reports, ask what equipment they use - ask what qualifications they have. If they mention the PCA - property care association (or its mentioned on their website) or use CSRT or CSSW as qualifications, you know they are scammers.


      Thanks for the detailed response. Unfortunately we did have one of the PCA members. Work suggested was incredible.
      Unfortunately we are not anywhere near London. Majority of people have said tanking only for cellars or basements and tanking first floor flat would be detrimental for the rest of the building and condensation.
      I am trying to understand the situation and would appreciate your view.


        Have you identified the cause of dampness to inside walls on first floor flat ? Is it a double brick wall with cavity ?

        Is the dampness due to rain water from outside ? Is water cascading over the roof gutter when it rains ?

        Or is it an old water pipe ( connecting to water tank in loft) buried in the wall that started leaking ?


          Victorian random stone rubble infill. Everything checked many times but intransigent leaseholder. Even wants Freeholder to pay for a new kitchen !


            Gordon999 You need to read all Scot's postings on this subject to get the big picture.


              Being concerned for people's well being I will do my utmost not to post anything else on the subject. Nearly everyone is completely fed up with the unfounded claim. I appreciate every contribution that has been given.
              There are people fixated on their own opinion. Trying to forget about him.


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                Thank you again, I'll question my solicitor and see what he has to says.
                This means that he hasn't even read the lease......
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                The project management is more than a few phone calls. It should involve:

                - writing a detailed specification;
                - reviewing the responses;
                - vetting contractors, for competence, safety and financial stability;
                - managing health and safety;
                - running the section 20...
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                by leaseholder64
                Generally, if you have a management company separate from the freeholder, it is a not-for-profit, owned by the leaseholders. Such companies are normally set up to allow the freeholder to get the income and gains from their investment, without the messy, and risky business, of having to maintain and...
                21-11-2019, 12:11 PM
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                by Magnus
                Definitely a Management Company.

                Just with the "sums spent" seems to rule out a percentage base. No problem paying if they have made a few phone calls and met with Surveyors and Contractors. But 7.5% equals about 20k. And there is no way they have conducted 20ks worth of extra...
                21-11-2019, 11:18 AM
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                The background:
                We have been...
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                Any idea where you saw this? I have been asking both valuers and solicitors this question and they have differing views - some of them say that the value of the ground rent reserved in the airspace lease WILL be factored into the premium that we pay for the freehold - others saying that it is only if...
                21-11-2019, 11:13 AM
              • Reply to Info Licence to assign
                by Lawcruncher
                I have read the lease and there is no requirement to obtain the landlord's consent - except during the last seven years of the term which have not yet arrived.
                21-11-2019, 10:58 AM
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