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    Originally posted by leaseholder64 View Post
    6a is why you are in breach. The breach is having the debt at the 21 day point, not just having the debt.
    ...but will only apply if the service charges/ground rent were correctly demanded in line with current legal requirements.


      I recommend that you check carefully whether or not the demands were issued correctly. I would do nothing else unless the cheque is returned to you, which I very much doubt, The freeholder will not succeed with a claim for forfeiture. If the agent maintains that you owe monies, you will need to contact the agent and give warning that unless the charges are withdrawn, you will make an application to the FTT, which will decide whether or not the charges are reasonable. There is no breach of the lease unless the FTT states otherwise and the FTT would decide whether or not the charges are reasonable.


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        Hello. I am the owner of a residential apartment, which I use as my main residence, which is managed by a property management company, to whom I pay a monthly service fee, and a residents management company, of which the PMC is one of the directors. The freehold of the land is owned and managed by a...
        15-10-2019, 15:50 PM
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        I AM "entitled" to maintain my own health. Particularly when I am not causing any actual problems by doing so. The property is up for sale. Thanks for your "advice". Really helpful and profound....
        18-10-2019, 15:16 PM
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        Right. I'm being aggressive by not causing a problem and acting appropriately to my own preservation. I'm self-employed; that means no sick days, no sick pay, no paid holidays and if I'm not working, no income.

        Your point around "finding a loophole in the lease" and your erroneous...
        18-10-2019, 15:15 PM
      • Lease extension not on Land Registry
        I went to view a property which I am really interested in. I have a few issues I'd really appreciate some advice on:

        1. The estate agent told me the lease is 150 years. I downloaded the title deed from the Land Registry. This states that the term of the lease is 99 years from...
        13-10-2019, 12:27 PM
      • Reply to Lease extension not on Land Registry
        Lease extensions can take a long time to register. There will be a deed a copy of which which you ought to be able to consider
        18-10-2019, 14:44 PM
      • Reply to Lease extension not on Land Registry
        Thanks so much guys!! I spoke to the estate agent and you were right. They have extended the lease but their solicitor hasn't yet submitted the registration with the land registry. I haven't seen a copy of the lease yet but apparently there is right to park, so looking much more promising than I initially...
        18-10-2019, 13:13 PM
      • Leashold extension
        Hi there,

        I am the freeholder of a buiding of flats in London NW6.
        One of the leasholders is selling the flat and required to extend the lease and i want to understand how i can calculate the premium. Ofcourse i will use a solicitor but i just want a brief explanation of the calculation....
        18-10-2019, 05:32 AM
      • Reply to Leashold extension
        Hi PAP069

        From your post, you are in the throes of negotiating a lease extension on an informal basis.

        The first step is to arrange for a surveyor (RICS qualified) to undertake a valuation. The leaseholder pays the landlord's costs for the survey (you can ask for this in advance...
        18-10-2019, 08:47 AM
      • Reply to Visitor Parking Dispute and Unreasonable Behaviour
        I have 're read the original post and it still seems to me that everything is perfectly reasonable. However, if selling avoid disputes with neighbours.
        Block any email address you don't want to receive. Chase up your estate agent and escape asap.
        17-10-2019, 18:59 PM
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        My solicitor has strongly advised me against purchasing a flat as it has just come to light that the recently renewed lease has had its ground rent increased 100% and it is also on a doubling basis. My solicitor has advised us that mortgage companies are becoming more reluctant to offer mortgages on...
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